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Matt Murphy Jul 6 Announcements


When: November 9, 2015 through November 13, 2015

Where: Gila River Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino



HI Everyone,

Summer is officially here and before you know it November will be upon us, which means you all will be heading to Arizona for our annual Users Conference.

This year we are emphasizing our conference as the “Year of our Customers” and we would like to have a number of Customer Presentations and participation added to our agenda.

We are offering a great incentive for our Customers that would be interested in presenting to the group. If you submit an abstract and it is approved and you are a hotel attendee your attendance price will be only $795.  Alternatively if you are a non-hotel attendee your attendance price will only be $375.

The deadline to submit your presentation abstract is Friday, July 17, 2015, which is early enough for us to publish an agenda for attendees who require one for travel approval. Below is abstract entry form when ready please complete and return to mary.cook@justicetrax.com


If you haven’t had time to put a presentation together but know that you would like to do one please email me now at mary.cook@justicetrax.com so I have an idea of how many people are interested in presenting such that we can start putting an agenda together and make sure that we have time for everyone.

Do you think your presentation would be improved or have additional benefit by co-presenting with someone from JusticeTrax? If so, send me an email and let me know and we’ll connect you with an expert here to work with you.

We are looking forward to a fun and informative conference with a lot of ideas from you, our Customers, So if you have a great idea that you feel would help make something easier or more effective for another customer please consider submitting an abstract and being a part of our great 2015 User Group Meeting.

Don’t forget that we are also planning a break out session for IT professionals and would love their abstracts to be submitted to mary.cook@justicetrax.com.

2015 Cost, unchanged from 2014:

         $1495 for hotel attendees

         $795 non-hotel attendees

Thanks for being JusticeTrax Customers and we will see you in November!!


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