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Our goal is to operate more efficiently while increasing interaction with our customers. We hope this help desk system will make you all feel more a part of the resolution process.

The bulk of this site is reserved for registered system administrators and their alternates. This site is secure and only JusticeTrax Customer Care agents and users from your same agency can view your ticket details. If you are a registered administrator, you can access the rest of this site by clicking the login link in the upper-right.

Administrators can either e-mail issues to us at support@justicetrax.com or submit them right here on this site. And, of course, you're always more than welcome to call us at 800.288.5467 M-F from 8am to 5pm. (Arizona time)

Our knowledge base, however, does not require you to log in. You can search through available reference materials below or click a topic link.

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JusticeTrax Customer Care

Matt Murphy December 8, 2015 Announcements

Welcome to our JusticeFacts Fall 2015 newsletter!
In this and coming editions we will share news and information
about JusticeTrax, our products, and our family of users. 
You will find a customer experience, an Ask Customer Care column,
and an employee story in each edition.  Please enjoy our Fall 2015 edition. 

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To make each issue more interesting and valuable,
we need your feedback.  This feedback will enable us to
tailor JusticeFacts to your information needs and interests.
Please send your ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

Previous editions can be found at 

Paul Tracy April 1, 2011 Interfaces and Integrations / iResults

You can view or add images related to a request.

Complete a Search


Complete a search to obtain one or more search results.

Images related to a LIMS-plus request and designated in the LIMS-plus application for submission to the iResults can be viewed by clicking the imaging (painting) icon.

Image Thumbnails


A thumbnail view of all related images will be displayed. Each image can be opened for viewing and printing by double-clicking.

Adding a New Image

If the laboratory uses the most current version of iResults and they have enable the option to allow you to update information*, you can add a new image by clicking the Add New Linked File button.

*Check with your laboratory or iResults administrator.


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