LIMS-plus v5.3.34 is READY FOR RELEASE!!

JusticeTrax is pleased to announce the latest release of LIMS-plus v5.  LIMS-plus v5.3.34 has recently passed testing and is ready for customer deployment.  Below (and attached) are the release notes for this version as well as past development sprints not previously released. 

V5.3.34 includeds the culmunation of significant enhancements to Sample Batch processing.  We are also including a short user guide, to this announcement, specifically for this functionality.  It will also be available in the v5 Product Documentation node in ZenDesk Help Center.

Please take a few minutes to review everything that has been included in v5.3.34 and let us know if you have any questions or comments.  If you haven't already done so, upgrade installation request/ticket should be submitted via your ZenDesk support portal account.


LIMS-plus v5.3.34 Release Notes


The AddedByStaffId column will be retained in the Test DUI table in the database when a Test template is deleted from within the DUI Designer interface.

the event a Test DUI is created and then deleted in the DUI Designer interface (instead of Admin | User Interface | Test), LIMS-plus now retains the AddedByStaffId column in the Test DUI table in the database. Retaining this column eliminates errors from occurring when users interact with an existing request for a service that uses the Test DUI.               


Edit Request menu option has been updated to View Request for pending and cancelled requests in the Request tab.               

When a request is pending or cancelled, it is not able to be assigned or otherwise edited. The Edit Request menu option has been replaced with a View Request menu option for requests in pending or cancelled statuses.            


The UserId column of the Audit table in the database records the correct value when a result is deleted from a request.               When a result is added by one user and deleted by a different user, the User ID of the person who performed the delete action will be recorded in the Audit table.


Content is saved appropriately in rich text boxes when using the Edge browser.  The rich text editor saves content (and closes if Save and Close is clicked), when using the Edge browser.   

We discovered after the release that the Subject line of email notification administration is not saving changes when used in the Edge browser. It will be fixed in a future release; however, users are able to use IE11 to modify the Subject field.


A message has been added to LIMS-plus to alert users changing the analytical module on a service, that any existing batches using that service can no longer be edited.         

In the Edit Service window, when users change the current selection in the Analytical Module drop down, an alert message will populate informing users that any existing batches using this service can no longer be edited.           

This reminder occurs regardless of whether the service appears in a batch, just to notify the administrator to check sample batches first.


Case attachments reopen successfully when using FileSystem as the Document Store Location Type.        

When a case attachment is opened with the DocuVieware Viewer, the attachment remains untouched on the file system when the viewer is closed by clicking Cancel or the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the viewer. This allows for the attachment to be reopened.         


Migrated case-sensitive barcodes are supported in LIMS-plus.    

Barcode IDs are considered unique by the application and return the appropriate evidence item even if an ID with all uppercase letters of the same makeup is already stored against a different evidence item (e.g. AbCdEf and ABCDEF and Abcdef are all considered unique IDs by the application). These IDs are stored in a new column in the database.                Only applicable for existing barcodes that are migrated into the database.


Content is saved appropriately in a sample result DUI that contains only a rich text box control when using the Edge browser.             

When a sample batch result DUI utilizes only a rich text box, the rich text editor saves content successfully when using the Edge browser.          


The Request Status is reverted back to Started when unassigned requests are set to Pending or Cancelled status and then Un-Pended or Un-Cancelled.           

In the Request tab of the Main Case View, an unassigned request that is Pending or Cancelled and then Un-Pended or Un-Cancelled will be set back to the Request Status of Started, instead of In Progress.     


Order and Numeric Input values are updated accordingly when samples are removed from a sample batch.          

When a sample batch contains samples from multiple requests and one of those requests is deleted, the sample Order and Numeric Input now reflect the correct sample numbers within the sample batch results entry interface.               


The Reviewed flag is properly retained for samples that have been reviewed, but do not have a result, on deletion of another sample's result.               

in a batch that have been reviewed but do not have a result will retain their reviewed checkmark when a different sample's result has been deleted.           


The Finish button within sample batch results entry is only enabled when all samples in a batch have been reviewed.               

In sample batch when a result is deleted and a user returns to the same sample, the Finish button is only enabled if all samples have been previously reviewed.              


Results within a Test DUI containing radio buttons are properly retained when a new row is added to the Test.    

When sample batch results are entered for a service utilizing a Test DUI that contains radio buttons, and the Add button is clicked to add an additional row to the Test, the results entered into the previous rows of the Test are retained as entered.      

May need to clear browser cache in order to see this change.


Sample result Test DUIs that contain a DateTimePicker control no longer cause a server error.     

Sample result Test DUIs that contain a DateTimePicker control can now be processed successfully without encountering a server error.      


Sample batches that are inactive can no longer be processed.    

In the main sample batch grid, the Process Batch button is no longer visible for batches that are inactive. In addition, users will not be prompted, "Do you want to process the batch now?" following edits made to an inactive batch.


Rich text box and DateTimePicker sample results are retained appropriately when navigating through samples in a batch using the numeric input field.        

When an existing sample result is left unchanged and the user navigates to a different sample in the batch by highlighting the sample number in the numeric input, changing the number, and pressing the Enter key, all results are retained and the user is directed to the sample of their choice.  


LIMS-plus responds with the designated Required Validator Message when navigating away from a sample in a batch that contains an unsatisfied required field in the sample result DUI.         

The application does not hang when users attempt to navigate to another sample without satisfying required fields within a sample result DUI. The required field validation message populates, allowing users to satisfy required fields and successfully navigate to a different sample.


Results within additional rows added to a Test DUI can be unique when navigating through samples using the Next button in the sample batch results entry interface.          

Results in additional rows of Test DUIs are not copied from one sample to another when navigating through samples within a batch using the Next button.    


Test DUI results contained in a sample batch are not visible in the Main Case View Request tab until the batch is finished.             

Test DUI results within an unfinished batch are not visible in the Main Case View Request tab. Sample batch results are only visible in the request when the batch is finished.             


Deleting results in a Test DUI using the red X icon to the right of the Test row is auto-saved when the Close button is clicked in the sample batch results entry interface.          

When Test DUI rows containing sample results are deleted with the red X icon and the Close button is clicked to auto-save changes made to the sample, results are removed from the deleted Test DUI rows permanently. When users navigate back to the sample, the default number of Test DUI rows are displayed as configured during the Test DUI creation.             


LIMS plus- v5.3.31-33 (internal release only)


A confirm delete option has been added when a user selects Delete from the Results entry screen on existing entered results.

In Examination and Sample Results page, when the user selects a result in the tree-view and selects Delete in the left-click menu, the user will see a Confirm Delete dialog to which they will answer Yes or No.              


Secondary Evidence Description and OtherId are retained appropriately when evidence is edited on Evidence tab.               

When an evidence item is edited, the existing Secondary Evidence Description and Other Id will be retained.       

Secondary Item Descriptions and Other IDs are not saved if the item is not related to the request.


When adding a new Storage Location, assigned Roles are now retained appropriately.    

Assigned Roles will be present as they were selected prior to Save.          


The Static Report file name in a Notification email is updated to use a new naming convention instead of "Static Report".              

The name of the attachment has been updated to [Lab Case No.]_[Request No.]_[Attachment Description]_[Version].               


The LastUpdateDate value for a request is only updated when an action has been performed on the request.      

LastUpdateDate will not update when clicking on the Main Case View tabs. It will only update for a single request if an action was performed on the specific request.   


The 'Add' button associated to a grid within Sample Batch Results entry functions appropriately when adding a row for an existing result in batch processing.    

When this issue was logged, it was related to the "old" way of results entry in Sample Batch. The nature of the new Sample Batch Results entry has resolved this issue.          


User has the ability to bulk register barcodes for evidence items from the Evidence Tab in the Main Case View.   

On the Evidence Tab, the user now has the ability to register one barcode each for item without having to individually select items, click Edit, select Register, then scan or type the ID, click Save, etc. because this was a very time-consuming process.       

Optimal performance occurs with 200 or fewer evidence items associated to a case.


Completed necessary updates within LIMS-plus to accommodate Qualtrax API changes related to Workflow Definitions and List Items.           

When using the Qualtrax Workflows | Add workflow function, the user will only see a list of workflows based on the configuration AND the fact that the workflow is ONLINE.

Offline workflows will not be available for selection in the Add Workflow | Workflow picklist.

When selecting an ONLINE workflow where the Inbox Display field is of "List" type, the List of values presented will only be values that are marked as Enabled in the Qualtrax application.    


Application Message has been refactored to appear to the left of the Lab Listing.

The Application Message has been updated to appear to the left of the Lab Listing.           


User has the ability to bulk generate barcodes for evidence items from the Evidence Tab on Main Case View.       

On the Evidence Tab, the user has the ability to generate and print one or more barcodes for items without having to individually select items, click Edit, select barcode definition and printer, click Save, etc. because this was a very time-consuming process.       


Updated Agency Type to support the use of an apostrophe when viewed in the dropdown.          

Agency Type has been updated to display in the dropdown as entered when an apostrophe is used.         


Printer name value has been updated to support 255 characters in the TempPrinterDocument Table.      

Increased the size of TempPrinterDocument Printer name value field to support 255 characters.


Existing Sample Batch form is updated to allow for a much richer user experience.           

The Sample Batch form and process have been modified to provide the user with a richer, more streamlined experience. Please see the Help Files for a detailed description of Sample Batch updates.             

Any two of the exact same examinations (or DUIs) that could potentially be in progress at the same time (ie. parallel examinations or sequential exams where each is "not required") should not be used in Sample Batches.

IsReviewed flag is not retained for samples without results when closing and re-opening a batch.

Required Fields – user must satisfy the required field before proceeding, this includes navigating to another sample and Closing the batch.

When the same samples from different requests are added to a sample batch, the sample batch grid "No. of Samples" value will indicate the quantity of items, not the quantity of item/request paired items.

Visible Conditions cannot be validated from within a Batch.

‘Add’ button within a Sample Result grid DUI does not function if there are no existing rows in the grid.


Upgrade the LIMS-plus application to use JTHub and JTTray versions        

A new version of JTTray was created that moved the JTHub URL storage to a registry key, implemented a time-checker on JTTray to ensure it was connected to JTHub, and implemented a version number on the JTTray console. LIMS-plus is now using JTHub and JTTray versions  


Barcode Definition Mapped Printer Is Applied on Definition Selection in the Bulk Generate Barcodes modal.         

the Bulk Generate Barcodes modal, when a barcode Definition is selected that has a Printer mapped in Barcode Printer Settings, the assigned Printer will populate as the Printer selection.          


When LIMS-plus is unable to communicate with JTHub, the AppPool remains connected. When LIMS-plus cannot communicate with JTHub, the application pool does not crash and cause the user not to be able to login to the application.        


In the Evidence tab, the application will prevent the use of over 30 characters when registering a barcode ID.       

The application will prevent submitting barcode IDs more than 30 characters in length.  


A Produce Attachment Activity with no template defaulted, and a report template later selected at the time of the Activity, will generate and store a .pdf attachment instead of an .rpt attachment. The file name is updated to use a new naming convention.             

report is automatically stored as a request related attachment related to the request above with a file type of .pdf with a file name of: [CaseNo]_[ReqNo]_[PA Description]_[Version] (where version starts with "0").            


Service selection is mandatory, along with Examination Type, when creating Sample Batches in the Sample Batch Wizard.

Service is now mandatory (along with Examination Type) to be able to differentiate between an exam that exists in a parallel set and one in a sequential exam.            


LIMS-plus v5.3.30 (internal release only)


Dashboard: Remove all icon buttons on bottom of dashboard screen. Move Help File icon to top right, to the left of Account: [User Display Name]   

The Help File Link has been moved to the upper right-hand corner next to the Logout and above Profile Picture. The Dashboard no longer shows the options on the lower left-hand corner (where the Help Icon used to reside).        

No functionality was removed from the application. The buttons that were present were redundant.


Sample Batch Grid: Add a new column for users to generate/register a Sample Batch Barcode    

Sample Batch Grid now contains a generate/register barcode feature for existing sample batches that is located in the grid itself. Clicking this Barcode Icon will open the Create Barcode Window. Users can choose to generate or register a barcode for a Sample Batch.   


Case Packets - If .TIF attachment residing on Agency Node is selected for CasePacket error returned: System.Exception: Error appending the file "LIMS.BusinessLayer.Utility.AttachmentsCmpnt" to the Case Packet.

The inclusion of a .TIF attachment within a Case Packet was causing an error when finalizing the generation of the case packet, specifically when the .TIF attachment was present on Agency Attachments Node. This has been fixed.    


Case Packets - If .TIF attachment residing on Request Node is selected for CasePacket error returned: System.Exception: Error appending the file "LIMS.BusinessLayer.Utility.AttachmentsCmpnt" to the Case Packet.

The inclusion of a .TIF attachment within a Case Packet was causing an error when finalizing the generation of the case packet, specifically when the .TIF attachment was present on Request Attachments Node. This has been fixed.  


When in Case Imports, the user may select not to import all evidence items present in the Case. Previously, de-selecting Evidence Item within Case Import did not remove the relationship of the de-selected item from the request if it was set in Portal, which resulted in users seeing incorrect req_evid relationships.      

If evidence was de-selected when Accepting a Case within Case Imports, the application would, in certain circumstances, inadvertently associate requests accepted on the case with items of evidence already present in LIMS. This would only occur if relationship mapping between evidence items and requests were set within Portal. This issue has been resolved.         

48231    Barcode Entity: Batch Sample should be renamed Sample Batch Within Lab | Barcode Administration, the Batch Sample barcode type has been changed to reflect proper use. It is now labeled "Sample Batch."    


Sample Batch Grid: Add a column for No. of Samples that displays the number of samples related to a batch.      

Sample Batch Grid now contains a "No. of Samples" column which provides a count of evidence items selected for inclusion on the batch. 


Fix Batch Report functionality - appears to not work when the report icon is clicked in the grid in Edge browser. Also replace the print form for ease of use.   

The Generate Sample Batch Report window has been streamlined. User is now only prompted to select the Report Template type. All reports are now generated in .pdf exclusively.             


Implement new Add Sample Batch wizard forms to improve the user experience.              

The Add Sample Batch window has been re-designed to utilize a Wizard Form and a more streamlined approach to creating Sample Batches. Functionality related to Controls was removed, as it was not implemented. Re-ordering of samples can now be done via drag and drop in the last step of the wizard.            

Controls functionality will be added to a future version.

48240    Implement new Edit Sample Batch functionality, based on the new Add Sample Batch Wizard       Edit Sample Batch window has been re-designed to utilize a Wizard Form. All previously existing batches will now display in the new Edit window on edit. Existing functionality was preserved so no regression is expected.       

48260    Remove permissions from Role Based Security related to iPrelog/iResults Configuration  In a previous release, the iPrelog/iResults Configuration option was removed from the Admin drop-down. The Security Role permissions associated with these deprecated applications have been removed.        


Update Product Version Number             

Product version number has been updated to v5.3.30     


LIMS-plus v 5.3.29 (internal release only)


In the Case Packet Wizard, the Static Report filename was displayed a varying number of times based on how many security roles (granted to Logged in User) were granted access to a service.          

This issue was resolved during the course of correcting work item in previous release (5.3.28).

The following stored procedure was updated in 5.3.28 (Case_GetRequestAttachments).

The application will now display Static Report in Case Packet wizard only once.


Modify Analysis Menu to re-arrange options.     


The Analysis File Menu drop-down has been separated into "Assign" and "Batches".

Request For Analysis, Technical, Admin, and Other Review will be listed under Analysis > Assign

Request Batch and Sample Batch will be found under Analysis > Batches


Case Packet Enhancement: Increase the length of the packet creation wizard window     

The Default Height of the Case Packet Wizard window has been doubled. This resolves the burden end users have experienced when re-ordering items selected for a Case Packet. Users will now see more attachments by default prior to scrolling through the tree view displayed.


The defaulted order of files presented in final screen of Case Packet Wizard was seemingly random.         

The default or initial order of selected items displayed in the last page of the Case Packet Wizard is now based on the order of the pages of the wizard itself and then the order of the individual items as they appear within the pages.

  1. Case Reports (Crystal Report Templates for the Case entity)
  2. Evidence Reports (Crystal Report Templates for the Evidence Entity)
  3. Case Activities Reports (Crystal Report Templates for Case Activities)
  4. Request Related reports and attachments
  5. Evidence Receipts
  6. Other Attachments (Attachments related to any entities other than Requests)


Sample Batches Grid: Change headers on columns.         

Column Headers within the Sample Batch Grid have been updated to make them more meaningful to users:

"Name" is now "Batch Number"

"Processed" is now "Completed"

"Batch Report" is a new label for the Report Icon

"Export File" is a new label for the Export Batch Icon

"Results/Import" is a new label for the Process Batch Icon

"Batch Assigned To" is a new column


Sample Batch Grid: The new column "Batch Assigned To" was added to display the Analyst to whom the Batch is assigned. The grid is also now filterable by this column. 

"Batch Assigned To" field is now present when opening the Sample Batch Grid. The Batch Assigned To field can be filtered to show only sample batches assigned to a specific Lab Analyst or Group.


Removed Deprecated Projects with no references from the LIMS-plus v5 Solution             

Deprecated projects were removed from the LIMS-plus v5 code solution as part of a development cleanup project. This was only a code cleanup, and will not impact the application.


Removed the Menu Option "iPrelog/iResults Configuration" under Administration.          

The iPrelog/iResults Menu option under the Admin menu has been removed. This option was related to functionality that was deprecated in earlier versions.


Removed the iPrelog tab from the Case Imports queue form.      

The iPrelog Tab within the Case Imports Queue window has been removed. This tab was related to functionality that is no longer used.


Implemented Temp File cleanup for newly created temporary files where possible.          

The application now performs cleanup of files temporarily stored within UserDocs/TempFileUpload during runtime, specifically when opening and annotating attachments within GDPicture. This also includes generation of Case Packets. An additional utility (TFS 47441) has been created and may be included with any release to address any instances where temp files were left behind.


Removed "WaitUntil" and "WaitXDays" workflow blocks from Analytical Module designer.            

The "WaitUntil" and "WaitXDays" workflow activities have been removed from Analytical Module Administration. If a workflow contained these activities, they were not working correctly and should be removed. Previously, these activities would stop request workflows when used, as they were not properly implemented.


Created utility to clean up the TempFileUpload folder.   

The purpose of the TempFileUpload Cleanup utility is to cleanup any temp files left behind within the TempFileUpload folder residing within UserDocs. This utility can be run manually or configured in conjunction with a scheduled task. This cleanup of the TempFileUpload folder will maximize disk storage that was being consumed during runtime of the application.


Database Script was written to check for any attachment paths in the database that include the TempFileUpload folder in the path.           

A Database Query will be provided within this release to allow Lab Admins to identify any specific attachments records (older records) where TempFileUpload may have been present in Attachment.Path. For Labs that use Document Storage Location Type of Database, this query will focus on records where LargeSizeAttachment key value was evaluated in order to save attachment outside of the database. If a Laboratory was exclusively using FileSystem instead of Database, any records returned by the query should be reviewed in more depth.


Packets: Using the CheckAll checkbox in Request and Other Attachments window returned a "System.InvalidCastException" error      

Using the CheckAll box on the "Select Reports/Attachments Related to Requests" and "Select Other Attachments" windows in the Case Packet Wizard no longer return the "InvalidCaseException" Error. This issue was introduced in the previous release when Entity and Subfolder display issues were resolved.


Case Packets: Does not allow the user to select an unsupported file type.              

Attachments of Unsupported File Types (ie. those file types that cannot be opened in the GD Picture viewer) will not be available for selection within Case Packets, as they cannot be converted to .pdf. These attachments will still be displayed within the Tree View shown in the Case Packet Wizard but a checkbox will not be available for them.

If an attachment does not have a Checkbox next to it, it is unsupported. This includes the following file types: .avi, .csv, .doc, .docx, .mp4, .txt, .xls, .xlsx. A copy of these file types should be converted to .pdf and uploaded if they are to be included in a Case Packet.


Case Packets: Files in a Case Packet are placed in the order in which they are arranged in the summary page of the Case Packet Wizard.       

Generated Case Packets now have the selected items listed in the same order as was displayed on the last page of the case packet wizard, whether it was the original order or was re-ordered by the user.



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