JusticeTrax set to use ZOOM Video as their online meeting provider.

Starting Nov 16th, 2018, JusticeTrax will be using ZOOM Video as its online conference/meeting provider.  After several years of GoTo Meeting use, we feel that ZOOM will provide our customers,  and ourselves, with a much more enjoyable and featureful experience.

If you have any recurring remote meetings scheduled with a JusticeTrax employee, you will be contacted with the new information and a new invite to the ZOOM meeting room.

For those of you that are accustomed to receiving meeting invites from us, this will look much the same. You can continue to use either computer audio or phoneline to connect to the meeting.  The first ZOOM meeting you join, you will be asked to run a small executable on your workstation to allow us to connect and conduct the meeting.  But other than that, you should see a seamless transition, as we also learn to use ZOOM to its potential.

Please let you meeting moderator know if you encounter any ZOOM software or performance issues on your end.  We will pass them along to ZOOM so they can continue to develop and enhance their product.





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