How do I check my spelling?

There are a few places in LIMS-plus v5x where you may see a "check spelling" button; particularly in a rich-text box. When you click the button, the application may hang. As we standardized on modern browsers for LIMS-plus v5x, we found that the spell checking feature within the browser was sufficient so we recommend using your browser's spell check function. To use it, you may need to enable it first.

Enable Spell Checking


In Internet Explorer:

Click on Tools.
Click on Manage Add-ons.
In the left pane, click on Spelling Correction.
Check the Enable spelling correction box.
Click on Close.

Reopen the Internet Explorer to apply the changes.

Using Browser Spell Checking


With spell check enabled, your incorrectly spelled words will have the red underlines similar to Microsoft Word. Right-click an underlined word to correct the spelling.

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