Curing General Browser Funkiness (Resolving Display Issues)

Newer JusticeTrax products are browser based and delivered using Internet Explorer. Periodically, you'll have some part of the application display oddly; parts will be missing, you'll have extra scroll bars or buttons may not work correctly. This general funkiness (yes, I'm using this as a technical term here) can often be resolved through some tweaks to your browser settings.

Try each item in turn until your issue is resolved. We'll continue to add to the list as new oddities present themselves.

Browser Compatibility View


From Tools, Select Compatibility View Settings
Make sure all check boxes are unchecked

Internet Cache


Tools>Internet Options
General>Browsing History> Settings
Temporary Internet Files: Check for newer version every time you visit should be selected.

Internet History


Tools>Internet Options
General>Browsing History> Delete

Local Intranet Settings


Tools>Internet Options
Security tab
Local Intranet Level>Sites
Uncheck Automatically Detect

Java Scripting Enabled


Java Config>Security
Enable Java Content in Browser

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