Using a Check Box to Control Visibility of Examination Components

A check box can be used to control visibility of an Analytical Module block or DUI template but not an individual DUI field. Here are the quick steps to set up the rules.

Define Your Check Box Field


Create a check box field on a result (examination or sample) DUI.

Set the Visibility Rules


Control Visibility of an Analytical Module Work flow Block (1) and\or DUI Template (2) using the value of the check box by using the visibility rules.

Using my example where I defined a check box to use a field called MoreWorkRequired, I set the visibility rules for both a Module Block and DUI template above. The condition added is:

Display when all:
Evidencewiseexaminationresult MoreWorkRequired is equal to True.

That means these particular items are only visible if that check box value is True, or checked.

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