LIMS-plus v5x Crystal Report Connections

When creating a report template to run in LIMS-plus v5.x using Crystal Reports, it's important you use the correct database connection driver and authentication method.

Error When Running a Report


If you receive a Database Logon Failed error when running a report in LIMS-plus v5x, the database connection is likely incorrect. This lesson will show you how to change the connection information.

Edit the Report Template


Open the report template in Crystal Reports. You can access the report from within LIMS-plus v5 using the Admin>Report Template menu option or open a copy outside of LIMS-plus. You'll be uploading the corrected copy into LIMS-plus to replace the incorrect one.

Once the report template is open in Crystal Reports, click Database then Set Datasource Location.

Create a New Connection


In the lower portion of the Set Datasource Location window, you have the option of creating a new connection to replace the existing connection.

1. Expand the Create New Connection node.

2. Expand the OLE DB (ADO) node which will open the new connection window.

Select the Correct Database Driver


In the OLE DB Provider list, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server and click Next.

Select the Correct Database and Authentication


Select your database Server and Database from their lists.

Make sure that the Integrated Security check box is unchecked. You may need to check the integrated security check box to be able to select your database. Once you select the database, you can un check the check box again.

Click Next then click Finish.

Repoint Your Report


Now that you have a connection created to your database using the correct driver and authentication method, simply repoint the report's existing connection to the new connection.

1. Select the server name at the top of the Set Datasource Location window (the Current Data Source.)

2. Click the new connection you just created in the Replace with section.

3. Click the Update button.

4. Repeat this process for any sub reports.

Save the report.

Replace the Old Report


In LIMS-plus, open Admin and click Report Template.

Edit the report record you want to update.

Click the Attachments button, delete the old report file and upload the newly corrected report template.

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