Internet Explorer 10 Displaying Non-English Characters

The Internet Explorer 10 browser has not yet been tested with the application, but for users who see non-English characters (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, symbols, etc.) on an application web page, there may be a solution.

Non-English Characters on the Screen


Occasionally, web pages viewed with the Internet Explorer 10 browser will appear to have non-English characters. The Internet Explorer 10 web browser is not currently supported for JusticeTrax applications, but there is a temporary fix for the non-English character problem. This solution involves setting the correct encoding method.

Set the Encoding


To set the proper encoding, right-click on the web page and go to the Encoding submenu. If Unicode (UTF-8) is listed on the submenu, select it. If not, continue on to the More submenu and select Unicode (UTF-8) from the list. The web page should refresh and show the proper English characters.

Note:  Encoding is also accessible from the View menu.

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