How do I add an Investigation to my case in LIMS-plus v5?

The Investigations screen allows multiple investigators within a lab the ability to enter multiple narratives about a case. Each narrative is date and time stamped and cannot be edited.

Add Investigation


To add an Investigation to a case, first click on the Investigation tab (1) and then click on the Add Investigation button (2).


In the Add Investigation window, enter a Description (1) of the investigation and select an Investigation Type (2) from the picklist. Select a name from the Performed By (3) picklist and enter or select a Performed At date (4).

Click Save (5) to save and close the form, Save & Add Another to enter another investigation, or Cancel to cancel the entry.

Crime Scenes, Individuals, and Requests can be added to an Investigation by clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower left-hand corner of the window (6), then selecting from the current case entities.

Add Narrative


After the Investigation has been entered, narratives can be added. To add a narrative, click on the Add Narrative icon (1) for the Investigation on the grid. In the Edit Investigation window, select the Narrative Type (2) and Reporting Investigator (3) from the corresponding picklists and type the Comment in the text box (4).

When finished, click the Save button (5) to save the narrative and close the window, Save & Add Another to save this narrative and add another, or Cancel to cancel the narrative entry.

View Narratives


To view narratives, click the Edit icon (1) for that Investigation on the grid. The narratives will appear in the Edit Investigation window (2) with date and time stamps.

The initial Investigation details (Description, Investigation Type, Performed By and Performed At) can be edited here as well.

Delete Investigation, Add Attachments, and View Mapping


There are also icons on the Investigation grid line for deleting the Investigation (3), adding attachments (1), and viewing the mapping of related entities (2).

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