How do I add a Communication Log to my case in LIMS-plus v5?

Communication logs are used for tracking correspondence regarding a case.

Add a Communication Log


To add a Communication (Comm) Log, first open the case and click the Comm Log tab (1). Next, click the Add Comm Log button (2).


In the Add Comm Log window, type in the Contact name (1) and the Note (2). Select the Communication Type (3), enter the date or click on the calendar icon and select the date in the Entered At field (4), and select Case Individuals (5) or Request (6). To select a Request, click the Request icon (7) in the lower left-hand corner and select the Request from the list. When finished, click Save (8) to save the entry and close the Add Comm Log window, Save & Add Another to add another Communication Log, or Cancel to cancel the entry.

Add Attachment, View Mapping, Edit or Delete


To add attachments to a Communication Log, click the Add Attachment icon (1). To view mappings, click the View Mapping icon (2). To edit or delete the Communication Log, click the Edit (3) or Delete (4) icon.

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