How do I add a new Training Record in LIMS-plus v5?

Training Records can be used to track and store dates, times, attendees and any attachments associated with training courses that the analyst may undergo during the course of employment.

From the Others Menu


Open the Others menu and select Activity.

From the Activity Screen


From the Activity Screen, select the Discipline (1) and then select Training Record from the Type picklist (2).

From the Activity Screen for Training Records


Click on the Add Training Record button.


In the Add Training Record window, enter a Description (1), and optionally enter a Note (2), Start Date (3) and End Date (and time). The application will calculate the Duration (4). Next, select the Performed By (5) person. In the Training Record section, enter the Topic (6) and select the Training Type (7) and, optionally, the Approval From person (8). When finished, click the Save button (9).

Edit, Delete, and Add Attachments


Once a Training Record has been added, attachments can be added or the Training Record can be edited or deleted by clicking on the appropriate Attachment (1), Edit (2) or Delete (3) icon.

The list of Training Records can be filtered by selecting a staff member from the picklist (4), or typing into the Topic (5), Training Record Type, Approval Status, Start Date, End Date, or Attachments field. (Delete the text from these fields to show the full Training Record list again.)

Add an Attachment


To add attachments to a Training Record, click on the Attachment paperclip icon for the Training Record on the grid list. The Attachments window will open. Select Upload Attachment or Link Attachment (URL).

To browse for the attachment, click the Browse button, navigate to the attachment and select it. Back in the Attachments window, add any Comments and click the Upload button.

To link an attachment, enter or paste the URL in the Link to File text box and then click the Add button.

To clear the list of attachments prior to uploading, click the Clear List button. To remove a specific attachment before uploading it, click the red Delete button.

Once at least one attachment has been uploaded or linked, the name of the file(s) (as well as file type, comments and the View icon) will appear in the lower section of the Attachments window.

After adding at least one attachment to a Training Record, the number of attachments for that Training Record will appear in the Attachments field in the main grid list.

Access Personal Past Training Records


Personal past Training Records can be accessed by clicking on the picture area of the personal profile on the right-hand side of the screen.


Select the Training Records tab (1) in the User Preferences window to view personal Training Records. To view any attachments associated with a Training Record, click on the Attachments paperclip icon (2), and then on the View icon next to the attachment on the list in the Attachments window that opens.

Export or Print the List of Training Records


To export the list of Training Records to HTML or Excel, or to print the list, first select the Discipline (1) and then select Training Record in the Type picklist (2). Select the staff member from the Staff Member picklist (3). Finally, click on the Export icon (4).


The list of Training Records for that staff member will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the list, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

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