How do I open an existing case in LIMS-plus v5?

Once a case file has been created, the main case view will be accessed as various tasks are completed. To work with a case, it will need to be opened.

Users must be given a Security Role with the Case - Open Case permission in order to be able to open existing cases. Please see the organization's LIMS administrator(s) or the Administration Guide for more information about permissions and Security Roles.

Find and Open a Case File


To start, open the Case menu and select Open Case (1). (If the Open Case command on the Case menu is unavailable or grayed out, please see the LIMS administrator regarding permissions and Security Roles.)

To search for a case by entering the case number, type a few characters or the whole case number into the Search Case text box (2) and click the magnifying glass. To open the case from the search results list, click the case number.

If the case has been recently opened, it may be listed in the Recently Opened Cases list (3).

If a case file was started but not completed, it may be listed by date and time in the Incomplete Cases list (4). Click on the date and time to open the case and finish entering it, or click the Discard icon for that case to delete it.

To add a new case or search for an existing case using additional search methods such as ACN, click the appropriate button (5).

Alternatively, there may be an Open Case icon in the toolbar in the lower left-hand side of the screen.

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