LIMS-plus v5 Overview

Today more than ever, forensic scientists are expected to do more with less. They must quickly complete their examinations and render accurate opinions using limited staff and budgets. Additionally, Forensic Scientists must track evidence, manage workloads, and produce accurate documentation. These are not easy tasks when laboratories receive hundreds, if not thousands, of requests per year.

JusticeTrax LIMS-plus® v5 brings it all together for the Crime Laboratory. Designed by forensic scientists, LIMS-plus v5 is one of the most comprehensive case management tools ever created. LIMS-plus v5 is a versatile software solution that not only leverages the power of the new technology with the many customizable features in the application but also integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information to provide a clear view of your laboratory and every case in it.



What Makes LIMS-plus v5 so Great?

LIMS-plus v5 was developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for its database needs. LIMS-plus v5 is a secure and fully ODBC/OLE DB compliant system. The first version of LIMS-plus running in a web-delivered environment, the LIMS-plus v5 database and all data reside on a secure server within the laboratory, while users access the application from any PC or laptop computer with appropriate network rights. Maintenance and upgrades are simplified and scalability is easier than ever, reducing and protecting your initial software investment.

Using LIMS-plus software, laboratories are able to automate certain data processes, maintain data integrity and locate data, including:

  • Creating cases
  • Barcoding evidence for simplifying chain of custody transfers
  • Disposition reporting for evidence tracking (i.e., notices for pickup and/or destruction approval
  • Tracking requests for analytical testing
  • Tracking milestone events in analytical testing
  • Entering test results manually and via interfaces with instrumentation generating reports during analytical processing, tracking amended, corrected, and original reports
  • Tracking the inventory of chemicals in the laboratory
  • Printing documents created in other applications to LIMS-plus v5 and saving these documents related to the laboratory case
  • Automating email notifications
  • Generating statistical and informational reporting
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