How do I review or change database settings in LIMS-plus v5?

Once LIMS-plus v5 is installed, current database settings can be reviewed or modified. Only users who have Security Roles that have the following permissions granted can access, review and modify database settings:

  • Admin - Configuration Manager - Edit
  • Admin - Configuration Manager - View

Open the Configuration Manager


Open the Admin menu and select Configuration Manager.

Use the Configuration Manager


Once in the Configuration Manager, the following actions can be performed:

  1. Database Setting - Change between the production and test databases and change the related database information.
  2. Log File Name - Change log file information. There is a folder/directory named Log and the log file is stored there. All errors are logged in this file with complete stack trace with date/time.
  3. Log File Size - When the log file reaches this size, the log file is backed up and a new file is started.
  4. File Manager Path - This is the location for attachments (i.e., image path) if not stored in the database.
  5. File Manager Virtual Path - This is the virtual directory created for the location of attachments if they are stored on another server, so that an image can be opened when the user clicks on it.
  6. Document Store Location Type - Indicates if attachments are to be stored on the file system or in the database.
  7. Temp File Upload Path - A path on the web server where the temporary files used by the application can be stored.
  8. Mail From - Change the system-wide email address.
  9. Log Level - Set the logging level of trace, none, error, or debug.
  10. Security Banner - Set the text that users see on the LIMS-plus v5 security banner (prior to logging in).
  11. When finished, click the Save button.
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