How do I add or change Notifications in LIMS-plus v5?

Notifications are customized emails sent to users related to specific tasks in LIMS-plus v5. For example, when a Request is assigned to an analyst, that analyst can receive a Notification letting them know about the newly assigned Request.

Please also see the Assigning Notifications topic.

Users who will be adding, editing, deleting or viewing Notifications via the Notification screen in LIMS-plus v5 will need to be assigned the Security Roles that have the appropriate permissions set. The permissions related to adding, editing, deleting, and viewing Notifications are:

  • Admin - Notification - Add
  • Admin - Notification - Delete
  • Admin - Notification - Edit
  • Admin - Notification - View

Please note that the Admin - Notification - View permission is the permission that determines whether the user is able to access the Notification command on the Admin menu (ON), or sees a grayed out Notification command on the Admin menu (OFF). Users cannot add, delete, or edit Notifications if they are not given the associated View permission.

Access the List of Notifications


To access the Notification screen and the list of Notifications, open the Admin menu and select Notification.

View, Edit, Delete or Export Notifications


On the Notification screen, there are two ways to filter the list of Notifications:

  1. Click on the first character of the Notification name (1).
  2. Enter some text in one of the column header textboxes (2).

To export the list of Notifications, click the Export icon (3).

To edit a Notification, click the Edit icon (4).

To delete a Notification, click the Delete icon (5).

To scroll through the list of notifications, use the scrollbar (6).

Add a New Notification

To add a new Notification, click the Add Notification button (7). The Add Notification window will appear.


All of the fields in the Add Notification window are required: Notification Name, Type, To, From, Subject, and Body.

For the Name field, type in the name of the new Notification. Select a Notification Type (e.g., Admin Review Complete, Subpoena Acknowledgement, etc.) from the drop-down lists.

NOTE: The Notification type chosen from the Type picklist on the Add (or Edit) Notification window will determine on which screens the Notification will appear as a choice. For example, Notifications with a Type related to Subpoena events will appear as choices in the drop-down picklists on the Court Administration screen.

For the To, From, Subject and Body, click on the gray ellipsis side of the textboxes to open the Rich Text Content window for that field. Of note, the Rich Text Content boxes for the To, From and Subject field do not offer rich text features; only the Body textbox does.

Note that multiple email addresses can be used if they are separated by commas.


To insert a Hot Key field (listed in the Hot Keys box in the lower right corner), place the cursor at the insertion point and then double-click on the Hot Key name.


In the Body Rich Text Content box, enter the text of the Notification using any of the rich text features that are available (bold, underline, font color, etc.). Again, double-click on a Hot Key to insert it into the Notification text.

Click OK when the Notification text has been entered into the rich text box.

Click Save in the Add Notification window to save the Notification.

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