How do I add, edit, and use Auto Text in LIMS-plus v5?

The Auto Text feature allows users to store frequently used text and then quickly insert it when needed in rich text boxes. An example might be an auto text abbreviation of "QD" used as a shortcut for the words "questioned document."

Users wanting to add, edit, or assign Auto Text must be given Security Roles that have specific permissions granted for working with Auto Text. The six permissions related to working with Auto Text are:

  • Admin - Autotext - Add
  • Admin - Autotext - Assign Autotext for Groups
  • Admin - Autotext - Assign Autotext for the System
  • Admin - Autotext - Delete
  • Admin - Autotext - Edit
  • Admin - Autotext - View

Access Auto Text


To access the Auto Text screen, open the Admin menu and select Auto Text. If the Auto Text command on the Admin menu is unavailable (grayed out), the Admin - Autotext - View permission is either turned off or the user is not assigned to a security role related to working with Auto Text. Please see the organization's LIMS administrator(s) or the Administration Guide for more information about permissions and Security Roles.

Filter Auto Text


If there is a long list of Auto Text entries, they can be filtered in three ways: select a Role Type from the drop-down list (1), click on the first letter of the abbreviation (2), or type some text in the textbox for the Abbreviation, Role Type, or Text field.

Add New Auto Text

If the appropriate user role permissions are set, users can add new auto text for the entire system (all users) or for users and groups (role types).


To add new auto text, click on the Add Auto Text button (1). The Add Auto Text window will appear.

Type the abbreviation in the Abbreviation textbox (2). Note that the abbreviation is not case sensitive, meaning in this example that the user can type any form of kcpd (e.g., KCPD, Kcpd, etc.) and it will be replaced with the Auto Text "Kauai County Police Department" when the user clicks the Auto Text LIMS icon in the rich text box immediately after typing the abbreviation (e.g., the cursor is immediately to the right of the abbreviation, with no spaces).

Select the Role Type from the picklist (3). If the Role Type is User, the User picklist will appear. If the Role Type is User Role, a picklist with User Roles will appear (4). Select the appropriate Use or User Role from the picklist, if available. (If the Role Type is system, there will be no additional picklist.)

To generate (or register) a barcode and print it, click the Barcode button (5) and select the appropriate options.

In the Description rich text box (6), click the gray section with the ellipsis (7) to open the rich text box. Type in the word, phrase, or sentence that will be automatically entered when the Auto Text feature is used in other rich text boxes.

Click the Save button when finished.

Edit Auto Text


If necessary, filter the list of Auto Text entries using the instructions provided earlier in this topic.

Click on the Edit icon corresponding with the Auto Text entry listed on the grid list.



Change the Abbreviation, Role Type, Barcode and/or Description and click the Save button.

Use Auto Text


Rich text boxes are opened by clicking on the gray ellipsis area on the right side of the text box. To use Auto Text, type the Auto Text abbreviation and click the Auto Text LIMS icon immediately afterward (e.g., while the cursor is immediately to the right of the abbreviation, with no spaces). The abbreviation in the text will be replaced with the associated word, phrase, or sentence. The abbreviation is not case sensitive. In this example, the letter "k" will be replaced with the word "known" when the Auto Text LIMS icon is clicked, because the Auto Text had previously been set up for that combination.

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