How do I change the Laboratory default settings in LIMS-plus v5?

Certain administrative settings can be configured for each Laboratory from the Lab screen. These Lab Defaults include:

  • Default printers
  • Password settings (expiration, length, etc.)
  • Archive defaults
  • Default Agency
  • Security Denial Log settings
  • Auto-Logoff Timeout settings
  • Document root directory
  • Default Storage Location
  • Help file location

Of note, at least four permissions need to be added to a Security Role given to users who will be viewing and editing Lab Defaults:

  • Admin - Lab - Edit
  • Admin - Lab - View
  • Admin - Lab | Lab Defaults - Edit
  • Admin - Lab | Lab Defaults - View

Additional permissions need to be given for additional Lab tasks such as barcode settings management, exhibiting numbering, etc.

At a very minimum, users must be given the Admin - Lab - View and Admin - Lab | Lab Defaults - View permissions. Users without the Admin - Lab - View permission will see a grayed out Lab command on the Admin menu and will not be able to access the Lab screen. Users given the Admin - Lab - View permission but not the Admin - Lab | Lab Defaults - View permission will not be able to view individual Lab Defaults screens.

Access the Lab Screen


Lab Defaults are accessed from the Lab screen. To get to the Lab screen, open the Admin menu and select Lab.

Access the Lab Defaults for a Specific Lab


To access the Lab Defaults for a specific Laboratory, click on the Lab Defaults icon corresponding to the Lab listed in the grid list.

Set or Change Lab Defaults


The settings that can be configured separately for each Lab are:

  1. Default Printers - Select the default printers for reports and barcodes from the picklists, or select Windows Default to have the computer's default printer(s) be the application's default printers.
  2. Password Settings - Set the password expiration time (number of days, months or years); enter the password length requirement, set a deactivate timeline after a certain number of password attempts; set the number of history records to keep on password attempts; and/or place a checkmark in one of the checkboxes to enforce complex password settings (e.g., a certain number of characters, numbers and symbols in the password) and to prevent the user to use the same password sequentially when prompted to change passwords. Please see the Passwords topic for more information.
  3. Archive Defaults - Set the archive defaults by placing a checkmark in the Activate Archive checkbox and entering the number of months the cases should be held.
  4. Default Agency - If one Agency is the default Agency for this Lab, select it from the picklist. Of note, Agencies must be added to the application prior to being available in this picklist. Please see the Adding an Agency topic for more information.
  5. Security Denial Log Settings - To save the Security Denial logs, place a checkmark in the Save Denials For checkbox and enter the number of days.
  6. Auto-Logoff Timeout - To set an auto-logoff timeout (where the application will revert to the login screen after a certain number of idle minutes), enter the number of minutes in the textbox.
  7. Document Root Directory - Select a directory for the storage of attachments. C: (a computer's local drive) is the default.
  8. Default Storage Location - If the Laboratory has a default Storage Location, select it from the picklist. Note that Storage Locations need to be added to the application before they will be available on this picklist. Please see the Laboratory Evidence Storage Locations topic for more information.
  9. Help File Location - This is the location where the LIMS-plus v5 help files reside. Select either File or URL and enter the path into the textbox.

When finished, click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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