How do I add Instrument Types in LIMS-plus v5?

Laboratory instruments can be used to import results to LIMS-plus v5. However, Instrument Types need to be added to LIMS-plus v5 before the actual Instruments are entered (so that the Instrument Type can be selected from the picklist while adding new Instruments). For more information on adding Lab Instruments, please see that topic.

At least four permissions need to be added to a Security Role given to users who will be adding, deleting, editing and viewing Instrument Types:

  • Admin - Lab | Instrument - Add
  • Admin - Lab | Instrument - Delete
  • Admin - Lab | Instrument - Edit
  • Admin - Lab | Instrument - View

At a very minimum, users must be given the Admin - Lab | Instrument - View permission. Users without the Admin - Lab | Instrument - View permission will not be able to access Instruments from the Lab screen and will see a grayed out Instrument Maintenance command on the Others menu and a grayed out Instrument Type command on the Admin => Demographic submenu.

Access the Instrument Type Screen


To access Instrument Types, open the Admin menu, scroll over Demographic to open the submenu, and select Instrument Type.

Instrument Type Screen


To add a new Instrument Type, click the Instrument Type button (1).

If the list of Instrument Types is long, it can be filtered by clicking on the first letter of the Instrument Type name (2) or by typing some text into the Instrument Type column textbox (3).

To edit an existing Instrument Type in the grid list, click the Edit icon (4) for that Instrument Type in the list.

To delete an Instrument Type from the list (and remove it from the picklist shown when adding new Lab Instruments), click the Delete icon (5).

To export an HTML or Excel file of the Instrument Type list, or to print the list, click the Export icon (6).

Add an Instrument Type


After clicking on the Add Instrument Type button, the Add Instrument Type window will appear. Type in the name of the Instrument Type and click the Save button.

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