How do I configure Laboratory Exhibit Numbers in LIMS-plus v5?

Exhibit numbers are set up for each Lab independently, from the Lab screen.

Of note, at least six permissions need to be added to a Security Role given to users who will be adding, deleting, editing and viewing Lab Exhibit Numbers:

  • Admin - Lab - Edit
  • Admin - Lab - View
  • Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - Add
  • Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - Delete
  • Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - Edit
  • Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - View

Additional permissions need to be given for additional Lab tasks such as barcode settings management, case numbering, etc.

At a very minimum, users must be given the Admin - Lab - View and Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - View permissions. Users without the Admin - Lab - View permission will see a grayed out Lab command on the Admin menu and will not be able to access the Lab screen. Users given the Admin - Lab - View permission but not the Admin - Lab | Exhibit Numbering - View permission will not be able to view individual Exhibit Numbering screens.

Exhibit Numbering


To access the Lab screen and the list of Labs, open the Admin menu and select Lab.


Users with appropriate permissions will be able to access Lab exhibit numbering schemes by clicking on the Exhibit Numbering icon corresponding to a particular Lab listed on the grid list.


Exhibit numbering is customizable for each Lab up to a point. For every level and the characters between each level, select an option from the associated picklist.

Level 1 (1) options include the Lab's abbreviation (which is set when a new Lab is added, or can be edited and added or changed later) if desired. (In the example above, the Lab's abbreviation is "AOFL"). For the character between levels 1 and 2 (2), select from a space, hyphen, underscore, period, or slash. Continue selecting from the picklists for Levels 2 (3) through 5. Of note, exhibit items requiring more than five levels will repeat the numbering scheme for Level 5 (4).

Click the Save button (5) when finished. To clear all of the selections and start over, click Clear.

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