How do I set a new Staff Member's login information in LIMS-plus v5?

Login information for new users is set within the Staff Member screen by Administrators and users with the appropriate permissions. Login information for existing users can also be modified from the Staff Member screen.

Access the List of Staff Members


Open the Admin menu and select Staff. There is a submenu with additional options, but only the Staff menu item is needed at this time.

Add a New Staff Member


Click the Add Staff Member button. To see the list of all Staff Members, including inactive Staff Members, remove the checkmark from the Active Only checkbox.


Add at least a Last Name (1) for the Staff Member.

Signature, initial and profile photo images can be added in the Attachments section (2). Click on the Add button at the bottom of each of these items, browse for the image file, and click Upload.

Click Save (3) when finished, or select another tab to continue.

Add Address Information (Optional)


Address information for the new Staff Member can be added in the Address tab section of the Add Staff Member window. Click Save when finished or select another tab to continue.

Create a Login Account for the Staff Member


The Staff Member's login credentials are entered in the Login tab in the Add Staff Member window. The Login ID, Password (and Retype Password), PIN (and Retype PIN) fields are required. To require the Staff Member to change their password when they next log in, place a checkmark in that checkbox. To generate and print a new barcode for the Staff Member, or register an existing barcode, click the Create Barcode button. Select a primary Lab and, optionally, any secondary Labs. Click Save when finished or select another tab to continue.

Set User Preferences


To set preferences such as display name and preferred language, time zone, color theme and date/time format for the Staff Member, click the Preferences tab in the Add Staff Member window.

Of note, placing a checkmark in the Show Incomplete Case checkbox will allow users to see on their Open Case dashboard a list of incomplete cases. This is helpful especially when a user's computer crashes or if the user's login session times out before the entry can be submitted. Users are able to click on the date and time of the incomplete case and continue entering information. If the checkbox is not checked, incomplete cases will not be listed.

Click Save when finished or select another tab to continue.

Reset a User's Password or PIN


To reset the an existing Staff Member's password or PIN, left-click on the Staff Member's name in the grid list and select Edit Staff. In the Edit Staff window, click the Login tab and enter a new password and/or PIN (retyping it in the corresponding Retype textbox).

Deactivate Staff


To deactivate a Staff Member, left-click on the Staff Member's name in the grid list and select Deactivate Staff. Click Yes in the Confirm Deactivate box. Of note, deactivated Staff Members will not appear in the grid list unless there is no checkmark in the Active Only checkbox on the Staff Member screen.


Permissions are assigned to users through Security Roles. Please see the topics about Permissions and Security Roles for more information.

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