How do I generate a Chain of Custody Report for an Evidence item in LIMS-plus v5?

Reports can be generated for evidence items to show the chain of custody for each item.

Access Chain of Custody Reports


To access the Chain of Custody Report screen, open the Report menu and select Chain of Custody. If the Chain of Custody command is unavailable (grayed out), please see the organization's LIMS administrator(s) or the Administration Guide for more information about permissions and security roles.

Search for a Case to Add


To search for a case, type in at least a few characters of the case number (1) and click the magnifying glass (2). Alternatively, scan a barcode (3). Click the Delete button (4) to clear the case number and/or barcode and start over.

The search results will be listed in the Case Search window. To search again, type some characters in the Case box (5) and click the Search button (6).

When the correct case is found in the list, click the green checkmark icon (7) to select it.

To export the list of case numbers from the search results, click the Export icon (9). A new window will open with the list, where it can be printed or exported to an Excel file.

The Case Search window will close when a case is added with the green checkmark icon; otherwise, click the Close button (8) to close the window without adding a case.

Generate Report


Back in the Chain of Custody Report screen, the full case number should be in the Case textbox. Select an Evidence item from the picklist (1). Click the Delete button, if necessary, to clear both the case number and the evidence item.

Choose a report format (e.g., PDF, Crystal Report, Excel, HTML, etc.)(2), place a checkmark in the Show All Pages checkbox (3) if relevant, and click the Generate Report button (4).


A Chain of Custody Report for that evidence item for that particular case will be generated in the chosen format.

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