How do I view the Image (Attachment) History in LIMS-plus v5?

Images in LIMS-plus v5 are always saved with their associated history. All versions of an image are always saved, and can be viewed within the Image History function. Additionally, the login details of any user accessing the image is captured in the image's history, along with the date and action types.

Access the Image History through the Attachment Tab


All files that are saved as attachments on a case are shown in the Attachments tab of that case (1). To view the history of an attachment, click the View History icon (2) for that item on the list. If necessary, click on the plus "+" sign next to the name in the list to expand it. Once expanded, the plus sign will turn into a minus sign "-" (3).

Image (Attachment) History


The Image History grid contains the name of the User (1) who accessed the image (or other attachment), the Version Number (2) of the image/attachment that was accessed, the Date (3) of access, the Action Type (4) that was performed on the image, a link to View (5) the version, and the ability to set any previous version to the Latest Version (6).

The list can also be filtered by User or Version Number by typing into the text box below the column header.

Export or Print an Image/Attachment History


To export the image/attachment history for one image or attachment to HTML or Excel, or to print the history, click on the Export icon.


The image/attachment history will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the history, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

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