How do I add Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to LIMS-plus v5?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a series of documented and reproducible tasks that assist a Lab in maintaining processes and procedures. Essentially, SOPs and their related tasks act as "kits" for the creation of new Services. LIMS-plus v5 allows administrators to take the documented processes of an SOP and assign the physical tasks through the application to create a complete from-document-to-action SOP.

Users who will be adding, editing, deleting or viewing Standard Operating Procedures in LIMS-plus v5 will need to be assigned the Security Roles that have the appropriate permissions set. The permissions related to adding, editing, deleting, and viewing SOPs are:

  • Admin - SOP - Add
  • Admin - SOP - Delete
  • Admin - SOP - Edit
  • Admin - SOP - View

Please note that the Admin - SOP - View permission is the permission that determines whether the user is able to access the SOP command on the Admin menu (ON), or sees a grayed out SOP command on the Admin menu (OFF). Users cannot add, delete, or edit Standard Operating Procedures if they are not given the associated View permission.

Access the List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


To access the list of Standard Operating Procedures in LIMS-plus v5, open the Admin menu and select SOP.

Filter, View Versions, Edit, Deactivate or Export SOPs


On the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) screen, there are four ways to filter the list of SOPs:

  1. To view both active and inactive SOPs, remove the checkmark from the Active Only checkbox (1). To view only Active SOPs, keep the checkmark in the checkbox.
  2. To filter by a certain tag, type the tag in the Tag textbox (2).
  3. Click on the first character of the SOP (3).
  4. Type some text into the column header field textbox (4) for SOP Name, Description, or Current Version.

To export the list of SOPs, click the Export icon (5).

To see the version history, click the View SOP Version icon (6) associated with the specific SOP in the list.

To edit the details of a Standard Operating Procedure, click the Edit icon (7) for the SOP in the list.

To deactivate an SOP, click on the Deactivate icon (8) for the SOP in the list.

Add a New SOP

To add a new Standard Operating Procedure, click the Add SOP button (9). The Add SOP window will open.


In the Add SOP window, enter the SOP Name and select a Manager from the picklist. The Status defaults to Active. Enter a unique Tag (required) and a Description (optional) and then click Save.

Add a New Version to an Existing SOP


To add a new version to an existing SOP, click on the View SOP Version icon associated with the SOP in the list. In the View Version window, click the Add Version button.


The original SOP information (Name, Manager, Tag, Description, etc.) appears in read-only format at the top of the Add Version window (1).

Select either File or FTP in the File Type picklist (2). If File is selected, an Attachments button will appear. Click this button to upload a file or to link to an attachment. If FTP is selected from the picklist, the button is replaced with an FTP Path textbox.

The version Start Date (3) is automatically inserted by the application. Enter the End Date, which is the date upon which the version is no longer current. Enter the Version number (4) and Author (select from the picklist). Enter the Review Date (required) and any notes (optional).

If this version is the most current version, place a checkmark in the Current checkbox (5). Otherwise, if this is not the current version, remove the checkmark.

When finished, click the Save button.

Once an SOP is added to LIMS-plus v5, it can be added to a Service by selecting the default SOP for that Service from the picklist. (All SOPs are listed in the Service's Default SOP picklist.)


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