How do I generate a Location Reconciliation Report in LIMS-plus v5?

Reconciliation reports can be generated for individual storage locations.

Access Location Reconciliation Reports


To access the Location Reconciliation Report screen, open the Report menu and select Reconciliation. Only users with the Report - Reconciliation - View permission will be able to access this screen. Other users will see a grayed out Reconciliation command on the Report menu. Please see the organization's LIMS administrator(s) or the Administration Guide for more information about permissions and Security Roles.

Generate Report


To generate a Location Reconciliation Report, select a Location either by placing the cursor in the yellow box and scanning a barcode, or clicking on the Select Location (barcode) button and selecting a location from the list. Click the Delete (red "X") button to clear the field and start over.

Click the Generate Report button when the location has been added.


Click the Export button (1) to export the Reconciliation Report in Crystal Reports, PDF, Excel, Word, Rich Text, or XML format. Click the Print button (2) to print the Report.

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