How do I add a Crime Scene to my case in LIMS-plus v5?

Add a Crime Scene


To add a new Crime Scene to an open case, click on the Crime Scene tab (1) and then click on the Add Crime Scene button (2).


In the Add Crime Scene window, select the Scene Type (1) from the picklist. If the crime scene is a subset of a previously entered scene, that scene can be selected in the Parent Scene (2) picklist and this crime scene can be displayed in a genealogy tree view. Enter a Description (3) of the crime scene, a Note (4), Location information (5), and Date Entered (6).

If the crime scene is related to other case entities such as an Investigation, Request, Offense or Individual, click the appropriate icon in the lower left-hand side of the window (7) and select the entity.

When finished, click the Save button to save the Crime Scene entry and close the window, Save & Add Another to save this entry and add another Crime Scene, or Cancel to cancel this entry.


Once the Crime Scene has been added, left-click on it and select Add Child Scene, Edit Scene, Remove Scene, Add Attachments, or Add Responder to perform one of these actions.

Add a Responder


To add a Responder to a Crime Scene, left-click on the Crime Scene in the list and select Add Responder. The Add Responder Record window opens and information regarding the staff member's response to the scene can be added. Select the staff member from the picklist (1) and place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Primary (2) if this Responder was the Primary Responder. Enter any notes in the Note text box (3). The Responder record can also be related to an Evidence item by clicking on the Relate Evidence icon (4) in the lower left-hand corner of the window. Click Save (5), Save & Add Another or Cancel when finished with this Responder entry.

Add a Time Stamp


Once the Responder has been added, a Date/Time Stamp can be added by left-clicking on the Responder and selecting Add Time Stamp from the menu. Adding a Date/Time Stamp allows users to enter specific date and time information for the scene response, such as department time or arrival time.


in the Add Responder Time Stamp window, enter the correct time and date. Select the Reponse type from the picklist and enter any notes. To relate Evidence, click the Relate Evidence icon in the lower left-hand corner. Click Save or Save & Add Another when finished.


Crime Scenes will appear in genealogical tree view with Responder information shown in blue and Time Stamp information in green.

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