How do I create a Picklist to use in a drop-down box within the Dynamic User Interface?

There are two ways an administrator can create a picklist for a Dynamic User Interface (DUI) custom field. The administrator can make the picklist ahead of time and simply choose that picklist when creating the drop-down field, or the picklist can be created "on the fly" during the creation of the drop-down field. Both options are described here.

Access the List of Picklists


To access the list of picklists, open the Admin menu and then the User Interface submenu, and select Picklists.

Sort, Export or Print the List of Picklists


To sort the list of Picklists, either click on the first letter of the Picklist name (1) or type some text in the Picklist Name textbox (2).

To export the list of Groups to HTML or Excel, or to print the list, click on the Export icon.


The list of Picklists will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the list, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

Add a Picklist


To add a new Picklist, click the Add button.


Before adding values, the Picklist must be named. Enter the Picklist name and click Save.

Add or Edit Picklist Values


The newly created Picklist will be added to the grid list. To add Picklist values (create the list itself), click on the Edit icon for that Picklist in the grid list. Also click on the Edit icon for a Picklist in the grid list to edit values that were entered previously.


In the Edit Picklist Value window, the name of the Picklist will appear grayed-out because it is not editable.

Choose between Picklist or SQL value by selecting one of the radio buttons (1). This example shows Picklist values.

The Picklist values that have already been added appear in a list. Values can be edited or deleted by click on Edit (2) or Delete (3) next to the value name in the list.

To add a new value, type it in the Value box (4) and click the plus "+" button (5). To clear the Value textbox, click the minus "-" button (6).

When all of the values have been added or edited, click the Save button (7).

Add or Edit Picklist Values using the Dynamic User Interface Designer


To create or edit a Picklist while creating or editing the Dynamic User Interface (DUI), open the Admin menu and then the User Interface submenu, then select Designer.


Select the entities for which the Dynamic User Interface will be created (1). In this example, a DUI is being created for Case Evidence. Click Start New Design (2).

To edit an existing template for the intended entity, click the Edit Template icon (3) next to the Template name.


In the Toolbox, click on DropDownList and drag it to the appropriate location on the Template. (Left-click on the DropDownList selection and hold the mouse button down while dragging the field to the Template. Release the mouse button in a location where the drop-down field will be placed.)


With the drop-down list highlighted on the Template, click on the Properties tab.


From the Data Source drop-down menu in Properties, select a Picklist. In this example, the Manufacturer picklist is selected. Click the ellipsis button (denoted by the blue arrow) next to the Picklist name.


Similar to the Add or Edit Picklist Values step above, add, edit or delete Picklist values until the list is complete. Click Save when finished.

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