How do I update Milestones in Batch in LIMS-plus v5?

Analysts may want to Draft Complete, Tech Review, or Admin Review a batch of Requests at the same time. With Request Batches and the appropriate permissions, analysts can accomplish this task in an efficient manner.

From the Analysis Menu


Open the Analysis menu and select Request Batch (1). To create a Request batch, click the Add Request Batch button (2).

Add Request Batch Wizard


To begin the process of creating a batch of requests to update, the user must enter:

  1. A Request Batch Name (1). This is a simple, readable way for the user to identify the batch they are creating. The application may create a unique identifier for the Request Batch Name, but it can be overwritten.
  2. The Assigned To person must be selected from the picklist.
  3. In the Activity field (3), select the Milestone that will be updated using the batch process. Requests may be assigned, Draft Completed, Tech or Admin Reviewed, or a To Do can be completed for a batch of Requests.
  4. If multiple labs are configured, select the Lab (4) to see the list of Requests for that lab.

The list can be further filtered by selecting a Reason (High Profile or Urgent), a Complexity (e.g., A little bit complex, Less complex, or Very complex), or a Discipline.

Once the fields have been filled out, the form will populate a list of Services that are offered in the chosen Lab (and, if defined, based on the additional criteria chosen). Check the box(es) next to the Services (5) to select Requests of that type to be added to the batch.

Click the Next button to continue (6).

Add Requests


Requests can be selected either by placing a checkmark in the checkbox next to the Request (1) or by scanning a barcode into the barcode field (2). To scan Request barcodes, the Select Request radio button must be selected. If the Requests are to be selected by scanning Evidence barcodes, or by scanning another Request Batch barcode, the appropriate radio buttons must also be selected.

To generate and print or register a barcode, click the Barcode icon (3). Request Batch barcodes can be used if the batch will not be processed immediately, or if the Request Batch is being created by someone to whom the Request is not assigned. With a barcode, the assigned user can quickly locate their batch.

Once the Requests have been selected, click Next (4) to continue.


All selected Requests will appear in the list. At this point, the Request batch may be re-assigned by selecting a different name in the Assigned To field. Whether or not the listed Requests are re-assigned, click Finish when done.

NOTE: Selecting Finish will not update the Requests in the batch. The user must then process the batch to complete the update.

Request Batch Processing


As mentioned previously, the user may wish to process this batch immediately. To do so, click Yes when the Request Batch Saved dialog box appears. This will, for example, update the Milestone for the chosen batch to Draft Complete.

If the batch will be processed at a later time, click No. The next step will document a batch that was NOT processed immediately, but that the user returned to (or will return to) at a later time.

Request Batch Grid


In the Create Request Batch screen, the user will see any batches that are assigned to the selected Assigned To (1) user. To view batches that are complete, place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Include Completed Request Batch (2). The default is for the grid to display only batches that have not yet been completed.

To complete a Request batch, click the Bulk Activity icon (3) next to the appropriate batch.

Bulk Activity Form


After clicking the Bulk Activity icon, the Bulk Activity screen will appear. All Requests in the batch will be displayed. All Requests will, by default, be checked to be updated (1). If necessary, uncheck any Requests that should not be updated. Click Process (2).

Request Batch Form


In order to have the batch removed from the grid, the user must check the Done icon (1) next to the batch in the list. To view completed batches, place a checkmark in the Include Completed Request Batch checkbox (2).



After clicking the Done icon for the batch, confirm Request batch completion by clicking Yes in the Request Batch Done dialog box.

Export or Print the List of Request Batches Assigned to a User


To export the list of Request batches assigned to a particular user to HTML or Excel, or to print the list, first select the user in the Assigned To picklist (1) and then click on the Export icon (2).


The list of Request batches assigned to that user will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the list, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

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