How do I create a new case in LIMS-plus v5?

For each new case, a case file needs to be created to contain all of the information about the case. The information is presented in the main Case view (Case dashboard).

Start/Add a New Case


To start (add) a new case, either open the Case menu and select New Case (1) or click on the Add New Case button (2). Additionally, there may be a New Case icon in the toolbar in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

If the New Case command on the Case menu is unavailable (grayed out), please see the LIMS administrator regarding permissions and Security Roles.

Add Case Data


The new case opens in the Case Info view (1). Enter any notes into the Notes text box (2) by clicking on the gray ellipsis on the right side of the text box to open the rich text editor. To have a message scroll across the top of the case (below the blue tab bar), type the message in the Case Message field (3) and, to have the message stop scrolling after a certain date, enter a Message Expiration Date (4). The default Case Status is Open (5), but can be changed to Close. A Case Type can be selected from the picklist (6). The case can have a Release Security (7) of Unrestricted (default) or Restricted to Requesting Agency Reps Only or Requesting Staff Member Only. Note that if a restriction is placed on Release Security, the case will not be accessible by any staff members not included in the selected restriction list.

To generate, register, or print a barcode, click the Barcode button (8).

When finished entering the basic case information, click the Submit button (9). Note that prior to being submitted, the case has no case number assigned to it (10). Once the case is submitted, a case number will be assigned and displayed.

Case Confirmation


When the case is saved, a Case Saved note will appear with the newly assigned Case Number. Click Yes to to create another case, or No to close the note and continue working.

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