How do I transfer evidence in LIMS-plus v5?

After the evidence has been entered and the initial chain of custody established, it will later be necessary to transfer the items from their current locations to other Laboratory representatives, external representatives, storage locations, and/or individuals. This transfer is conducted outside of the Main Case View and, therefore, can encompass many items across many cases in one transfer session. The transfer details are entered first (From, To, Then To, etc.) and the items are scanned or selected, so that the same transfer details apply to all items in that particular session.

It is important to note that a transfer cannot occur From a storage location directly To a different storage location; a person has to have physically moved the item between these locations, so that Laboratory Staff Member MUST be in the chain of custody between the two storage locations.

Access the Evidence Transfer Screen


To access the Evidence Transfer screen, open the Evidence Mgmt menu and select Evidence Transfer.

Transfer Evidence


Depending on the Laboratory procedures, a barcode scan and/or PIN entry may be required when a Laboratory representative or an external representative is involved in a transfer. Evidence item barcode scans may also be required. However, if barcode scans are not required, the Select Location (barcode) button (3) can be used to select the Staff Members, Agency Representatives, or Storage Locations.

To enter the From information, either place the cursor in the yellow box (1) and scan the barcode, or click the Select Location (barcode) button (3) and select the Staff Member, Agency Representative or Storage Location from the lists provided.


In the Select Location window, click on the tab for the type of entity to be added: Staff Member, Agency Representative, or Storage Location. Click on the name of the entity in the list to select it; the information will be populated to the selected field.


Depending on the lab's configuration, a confirmation dialog box may appear, prompting for a PIN number. If PIN numbers are used in the Lab and the Confirm dialog box appears, enter the PIN number and click OK.

Again on the Evidence Transfer screen (first image):

To clear a selection, click the Delete (red "X") button (2) next to the entry to be cleared.

The Date/Time field will automatically populate with the current date and time. Use the calendar button (4) to change the date or time.

The "Via" field (5) is used to indicate the means of delivery of the submission (e.g., USPS or courier), if necessary.

The Notes field (6) is used to add any notes regarding the transaction. If the Evidence was submitted by UPS, for example, the UPS tracking number may be recorded in the Notes field.

Populate the To (and Then To, if necessary) field in a similar manner. Once information is entered in the Then To field, an additional Then To line is added.

Once the transfer details have been entered, the user will need to indicate which items are to be involved in the transfer. Click in the Evidence to Transfer field (7) and scan the barcode) or click on the Select Location (barcode) button to select the location from the lists provided.


If the Select Location (barcode) button for the items to be transferred is clicked, the Select Evidence window will open. Evidence items can be selected from Locations or Containers by clicking on the appropriate tab, or search for a case by entering the Case Number in the Case textbox and clicking the magnifying glass.

Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to the Evidence item to be added. When all of the Evidence items are selected, click the OK button and the Evidence items will be added to the Evidence Transfer list.

Again in the Evidence Transfer screen (see first image):

If the Evidence is to be added to a container, place a checkmark in the Add to container checkbox (8) and select the container from the picklist. Note that the container must have previously been added before it will appear on the picklist. See the Evidence Containers topic for more information.

If the Evidence item is being returned from an outside location, place a checkmark in the Evidence being returned checkbox (9). This will enable "breaking" of the Z-order chain of custody, allowing for proper chain of custody auditing.

Once an Evidence item is entered, it will appear in the list toward the bottom of the screen (10).

Once an Evidence item is added to the list, the Items to be Transferred section (7) is reset so that additional items can be entered and added.

To view the Details, Reconciliation History and/or Chain of Custody of an Evidence item, or to create a chain of custody (COC) report, click on the View Evidence icon (11) for that Evidence item in the list.

To delete an Evidence item off of the Evidence Transfer list, click the Delete icon (12).

To export the list of Evidence items to be transferred, click the Export icon (13).

When finished, click the Save button at the bottom right of the screen.

Transfer Completed


A confirmation dialog box will appear when the Evidence transfer has been completed.

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