How do I create a Security Role in LIMS-plus v5?

LIMS-plus v5 uses a role-based security system. One or more roles are configured to define what a user can do. A Staff Member is then assigned one or more of these roles. Staff Members can perform functions based on the permissions set for their roles.

Access Role Management


Open the Admin menu, go to the Staff submenu, and select Role Management.

Add a New Role


On the Role Management screen, click Add User Role.


Enter a Role Name and click Save.

Define the Role


For each role, the following tasks can be performed:

  1. Edit Role - click this icon to set which staff members are assigned to this role.
  2. Edit Active Directory - click this icon to edit the role using Active Directory.
  3. Edit Location - click this icon to set which storage locations can be accessed by people with this role.
  4. Edit Permission - click this icon to set or edit the permissions granted to this role. These permissions determine what actions each assigned staff member can perform.
  5. Export Role - click this icon to export the role in XML format.
  6. Clone Role - click this icon to copy the role to use it as the basis for a new role.
  7. Edit - click this icon to change the name of the role.
  8. Delete - click this icon to delete the role.

Edit Role Assignments


Click on the Edit Role icon to open the Edit User Role window.

To assign (add) users to a role, or remove users from a role, check or uncheck the checkbox next to their names in the Edit User Role window. Click Save when finished.

Set Storage Location Access


To set which storage location(s) users can access for this role, click the Edit Location icon. The Edit Location window will open.

Check or uncheck the checkbox next to the name of the storage location to grant or remove access to it. Click Save when finished.

Set Permissions


Click the Edit Permission icon to open the Permission window and set or change permissions.

To grant permissions to the role, check the checkbox next to each permission to be granted. Remove the checkmark to remove permissions. Scroll through the list to see additional permissions. Since the list is long, it may be easier to clone a role that was previously created if the permissions will be similar.

Export or Print the List of Roles


To export the list of Roles to HTML or Excel, or to print the list, click on the Export icon.


The list of Roles will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the list, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

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