How do I change a staff member's Security Roles in LIMS-plus v5?

Staff Members can be given permission to perform system functions and access to Storage Locations by assigning one or more Roles. To be given one or more Security Roles, the Staff Member must first be added and one or more Roles must be created. Security settings can be adjusted in the future as new Roles are created or security requirements change.

Select a Staff Member from the Staff List


Open the Admin menu and select Staff.


Left-click on the staff member's name and select Edit Security Roles from the menu.

Edit Security Roles


To grant a Role, select the Role in the Available Roles list (1) and use the mover arrows to move it to the Assigned Roles list (2). To remove a Role, reverse this process.

The available Storage Locations are shown in the Location box (3) and Locations with checkmarks in the checkboxes are accessible by the Staff Member.

The individual permissions are listed in the Permission box (4).

Click Save (5) when finished.

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