How do I search for information in LIMS-plus v5?

"Lookup" is another term for search. Each Lookup returns a specific type of information or item, but all lookups work in a similar manner.

Select a Lookup (Search)


From the Lookup menu, select the type of search to be performed: Evidence, Search Barcode, Individual, Offense, ACN, or Ad Hoc Query. This example uses the Evidence search.

Set Search Criteria


  1. Enter the search information in the Search String text box (1).
  2. To make the search more specific, click the Search Fields button (2) and place a checkmark in the checkboxes next to the type(s) of information to search (Description, Evidence Number, Case).
  3. To search using a barcode, click in the yellow text box (3) and scan the barcode.
  4. When all of the search criteria has been entered, click the Search button (4).
  5. To reset the search criteria and start over, click Clear (5).

Search Results


Search results are listed at the bottom of the screen.

To further filter the list, type some text in any of the filter boxes (1) at the top of each column.

To open a case, click the case number (2).

To edit a specific record, click the Edit icon (3).

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