How do I add a verification step to an Analytical Module in LIMS-plus v5?

There are types of analyses where an extra verification step in the workflow is desired. This step can be included either by editing an existing module or creating a new module and adding an Other Review Activity.

Access the Analytical Module Workflow Editor


To access the Analytical Module screen, open the Admin menu and select Analytical Module (1).

Click the Add Analytical Module button (2) to create a new module or click the Edit icon (3) next to the module to be updated.

Add an Other Review Activity


From the list of activities, drag and drop the Other Review Activity onto the workflow where the verification step should occur.

Set Activity Properties


Select the Other Review Activity that was just added by left-clicking on it once and then set the properties as desired. For example, the name can be changed to "Verification" so that assigned analysts understand which task they are being asked to complete.

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