How do I add a Discipline in LIMS-plus v5?

A Discipline is a group of Services. A Lab can have one or more Disciplines, as well as the related Services for each Discipline.

For example, a Discipline of Chemistry may include the services of Chemical Analysis and Controlled Substance Analysis. This Discipline might be used by the main Lab but not be supported by a regional Lab.

At least one Service must have already been created before a Discipline can be added.

Access the List of Disciplines


From the ADMIN menu, select Discipline.

Add a Discipline


Click the Add Discipline button.

In the Add Discipline window:

  1. Name the discipline (1).
  2. If necessary, change the status to Active or Inactive (2).
  3. Select a person or group that has permission to assign requests for service within this discipline (3). This is an optional field.
  4. To have the discipline function as a group, place a checkmark in the Specify Discipline as Group checkbox. Note that this option is only available when initially adding the discipline (4).
  5. Connect the discipline to one or more services by placing a checkmark in the checkbox next to the service name (5).
  6. Connect the discipline to one or more activities by placing a checkmark in the checkbox next to the activity name (6).
  7. Click Save (7).

Relate (Map) a Discipline to a Lab


  1. From the ADMIN menu, select Lab.
  2. Click the Edit icon for the lab to which the discipline will be connected (1).
  3. Click the Map Lab Discipline button (2).
  4. Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to each discipline that will be connected to this lab (3).
  5. Click Save (4).

Export or Print the List of Disciplines


To export the list of Disciplines to HTML or Excel, or to print the list, click on the Export icon (on the Discipline screen).


The list of Disciplines will appear in HTML format on a separate web page. From there, click the Print button to print the list, or click the Export to Excel button to perform that task. If the Export to Excel feature is used and the user has Excel installed on the computer, there will be an option to open the list in Excel. Otherwise, the file can be saved as an XMLReport.csv file.

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