How do I add an Agency in LIMS-plus v5?

Agencies are the outside agencies that this Laboratory services. They are the organizations that submit evidence, request analysis, or need to receive copies of reports (a District Attorney's office, for example). The people working for these agencies are called Agency Representatives.

Access the Agency List


Open the Admin menu and select Agency. There is a submenu for Agency Rep, Agency Type, and Division, but to add an Agency just select (click on) Agency.

Add a New Agency


Enter a name for the Agency (1) and select the Agency Type (2).  All other information about the Agency is optional.  The Status (3) defaults to Active, but can be changed to Inactive. 

If an ACN Mask (4) is configured, users entering agency case numbers for this Agency will see a template to help ensure that the ACNs are entered in the desired format.  To set the mask, click the plus "+" button to the right of the field.  The mask will be displayed once it is configured.  Other users may be forced by the Lab Case Numbering defaults to enter the ACN Mask manually.

If there is a Parent Agency, select it from the Parent Agency picklist (5).  Enter the address in the Address box (6) and enter phone numbers in the Phone box (7).  Click Save (8) when finished.

Edit Agency Information or Deactivate Agency


To edit an Agency's information or to deactivate an Agency, left-click on the Agency in the list and select the appropriate command from the menu.

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