How do I add Case Info to my case in LIMS-plus v5?

The Case Info screen stores general information about each case.


Clicking on the Case Info tab (1) will bring up the general information about the case.  The date and time the case was opened and the user who opened the case will be displayed at the top of the window for existing cases (2).

If there are other cases related to this case, they will appear in the Related Cases section (3).  Other cases can be related to this case by clicking on the green plus "+" icon (4).  See below for more information about relating cases.

Case Notes for this case can be added by clicking on the ellipsis button on the right side of the Notes text box (5), which will open a rich text box.  (After entering text, click the OK button to close the rich text box.)  Case Status (6) and Case Type (7) are picklists from which the appropriate options can be selected.

Result Release Security

The Release Security (8) field refers to the release of information to Agencies or Agency Reps.  Cases are automatically set to Unrestricted (viewable by all case Agency Representatives), but users can also select Requesting Agency Reps Only (viewable only by Representatives belonging to the requesting Agency) or Requesting Staff Member Only (viewable only by the requesting Representative).  This field ties directly to whether Agency Reps will have access to a final report in the iResults application.  It will also give users an alert when opening a case that the results are to either be released only to requesting Agencies or Agency Representatives.


Related Cases


Existing cases can be added as Related Cases.  To add a Related Case, click the green plus "+" button (1) in the Related Cases section to open the list of Related Cases (if any).  In the first box in the Related Cases section, type in some characters of the case number and click the magnifying glass (2) to open the Case Search window.  (Click the magnifying glass even if no case number characters are typed into the box.)

In the Case Search window, enter the case number and click the Search button (3) or scroll through the list of existing cases to search for the related case.  Once the appropriate case is found, click the green checkmark next to it (4) to select the case and close the Case Search window. 

When a Related Case has been added, a Note about that case can be added by clicking in the Note text box (5) and typing the note.  To save the Related Case and Note (if any), click the Submit icon (6).  The Submit icon will then be replaced with an Unrelate Case icon, which can be used to unrelate the Related Case in the future, if necessary.  

Case Message


A Case Message can be added to a case that will be viewable as running text toward the top of the screen for that particular case (1). To add a Case Message, type it into the Case Message textbox (2). To set an expiration date for the Case Message, enter a date in the Message Expiration Date text box (3) or click on the Calendar button to the right of the text box and select the correct date.  The Case Message will discontinue running after the specified date.

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