How do I add an Individual to my case in LIMS-plus v5?

Add Individual


To add an Individual, click the Individual tab (1) for the open case, then click the Add Case Individuals button (2).


The Add Individual window will open.  To add a new Individual, enter the information for that person (1).  All fields are optional, but the first and last name fields are recommended because case Individuals appear alphabetically on lists. 

To add a case Individual that has previously been entered into the application, click the Search Individual button (2).  To filter the list of Individuals, either click on the first letter of the last name or enter search criteria in the column textboxes.  When the Individual is found in the list, click on the green checkmark to the right of the Individual's name.  The Case Individuals window will close and that Individual's information will be populated in the fields of the Add Individual window.  To close the Case Individuals window without selecting an Individual from the list, click the Close button.

Continue entering information such as the Company Name (3) and other pertinent information (4, 5) when known.  Depending on the Laboratory's customization, there may be a Custom Information Section toward the bottom of the window.

The Individual can be related to a current case Crime Scene, Investigation, Subpoena, Request or Offense by clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower left-hand corner of the window (6).

Click Save (7) or Save & Add Another when finished.  Click Clear to clear the entered information and start over, or Cancel to cancel the entry and close the window.

Edit, Delete or Add Attachments


Once the Individual information has been added, it can be edited or deleted by clicking on the appropriate Edit (3) or Delete (4) icon. If related entities were selected, the current relationships can be viewed by clicking on the View Mapping icon (2). To add related attachments, click on the Add Attachments paperclip icon (1).

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