How do I search for results?

To find the status of a request for analysis, you'll need to search for the request once you've logged into iResults.

Search by Date


Select a Month, Day and Year in both the From/To fields to search for all your agencies requests that fall within that date range. Along with the Status radio buttons, entering dates either returns all requests that were Submitted to the lab during the period within the range, or Released (ie. The report was completed and ready) during the range.

To further filter requests, a Status can be selected from the drop-down. All requests that are at the selected status, within the date range, will be returned. Statuses available for selection are:
Canceled: the request has been canceled and is no longer active
Received: the request has been logged into the LIMS-plus, but is currently unassigned
In Progress: the request has been assigned to an analyst and is being processed
Completed: the analysis has been completed and the final report has been generated

Selecting one of the following statuses “Canceled, Received or In Progress” is only valid if the Submitted radio button is also selected. Requests are only considered Released once the report is available.

Select Submitted if you wish to return requests that were submitted within the date range selected. Select Released if you wish to only return completed requests (and their associated reports).

To further filter the list of results returned, you can select a specific request type from this drop-down list. For example, if you only want to return Controlled Substance Analysis requests during the date range specified, select Controlled Substance Analysis from the drop-down. If nothing is selected here, all requests meeting the previous criteria will be returned.

Once you have set your search criteria, click Search.

Search by Case


If you know the specific Case Number of the request you are looking for, you can select the Case # Search radio button.

Enter the Laboratory case number. The entire case number must be entered (ie. The application will not fill in leading zeros in a case search) Or use the Agency Case number search to locate a lab case using your own case number.

Click Search.

Search by Individual


If you know the Last name of any Individual involved in the case, this search can be used to locate the request.

The Type drop-down refers to how the Individual is related to the case. Example. Suspect, Victim, Witness, etc. When performing this search, a Type is required. The drop-down cannot be blank.

Enter at least the Last Name of the Individual. This field will accept a wild card search (using the % character to replace the full name). Example. Entering D% in the Last Name field will return all Individuals whose last name starts with D.

Click Search.

Search by Request Type


The Request Type search works similarly to the Date search when a request type is selected. However, this search will return all requests of the specified type regardless of any other criteria. If the iResults and/or LIMS-plus have been used for a number of years, this search may return hundreds or even thousands of requests.

Select the specific type of request and click Search.

Search by Driver's License


If the Laboratory collects Driver’s License data on Individuals, this search may be used to locate requests. Confirm with the laboratory that they enter this data before using the search functionality.

Select the State of issue of the Individual’s Driver’s License

Enter the full value of the driver’s license number..

Click Search.

Search Results


Depending on the Search type and criteria used, you may be presented with one, none or more results. If no matching cases are found, the result field will indicate: The Information is Currently Unavailable.

The grid can be sorted by clicking the radio button next to the column on which to sort. To move between pages of grids, click the number of the page, or click Previous or Next.

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