How do I access iResults?

iResults is an Internet-based reporting system your crime lab has provided you with to quickly access the status of requests and copies of your final reports. By setting up a secure website linked to their JusticeTrax LIMS-plus application, the lab automatically updates their iResults database whenever a service request is updated. You can now view copies of final reports and even check the status of requests all without calling the lab. You get information and updates when you need them.

Browse to the iResults website

Using an Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, point the browser to the URL provided to you by the forensic laboratory that services your agency.

Log in to iResults


Each iResults user must have a log in and password set up in order for them to access the website. This information may be set up by the lab, or it may be the responsibility of your agency’s system administrator. Check with this person to obtain your log in and password.

Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD into the fields provided. Press Enter or click the Login button.

Change your Password and Set a Hint


The first time you log in to iResults, you will be required to change your password and also to set up a password hint and hint answer. This may have been previously set up for you by your administrator, but you may change it at any time.

Your user name cannot be changed once it is set by the administrator.

Enter a new password. The maximum length is 10 characters. Passwords can include letters, numbers and special characters.
Enter a password hint and answer. This information allows you to recover your password if you forget it. On the Welcome screen, you can click on the Forgot your password? link and you will be presented with your hint. Answer it correctly and you will be allowed to create a new password.
Click Save.

You're now logged into iResults!

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