iPreLog Agency Administrator Functions

As an agency that submits evidence for processing to a laboratory that offers the JusticeTrax iPreLog website, you have the ability to speed up the evidence submission process. Each agency will have one or more administrators appointed. Their role is to maintain the logon information for representatives from their agency that are permitted to use iPreLog.

Login to iPreLog


Point your web browser to the iPreLog website address given to you by the laboratory to which you submit evidence.

If you have been made an iPreLog administrator by the laboratory, you will have access to the functions discussed in this topic.

Updating Agency Information


Each time you log into iPreLog with an account that has administrative rights, you will be taken to the agency info screen. If any information ever needs to be updated, edit the information and click the Save Agency Info button.

To add a new user from your agency, click the Agency Rep button.

If you want to submit your own evidence using iPreLog, click the Submit Case button.

Agency Reps


Once you click the Agency Rep button from the main screen, you will see a list of all iPreLog users that have been created for your agency. You can change the sort order of the list by click the different option buttons at the top.

To deactivate a user, uncheck the Active check box.
To delete a user, click the Del link next to their name.
To edit information for an existing rep, click the Edit link next to their name.

To add a new user, click the New Rep button.

Adding a New Rep (iPreLog user)


When you click the New Rep button, you are placed in a blank representatives detail screen. Fill out the information for the user. You must include a first and last name, login name and password, hint info and a badge number.

The hint information is set initially for a user but they can edit their own password information once they login for the first time.

When you are finished, click the Save and Add Another Person button or click the Save and Return to the Main List button to save this record and go back to the list of reps.

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