Installing iPreLog

The procedure for installing iPreLog has been improved with the re-write of the product. The new release coincides with the LIMS-plus v3.7.25 release.

JusticeTrax Internet interface products require the use of IIS6 or higher on your web server. These instructions are based on Windows Server 2008. If you’re using a different operating system, please refer to its documentation on how to complete the steps outlined below. Additional information can be found on the Microsoft website at:

Verify Current Server Role(s)


If not already configured to be a web server, you’ll need to add this role to the server using the Server Manager console.

1. In the Server Manager, expand the Roles node. If there is an entry for Web Server (IIS) then the server already has the required role.
2. If it is not present, click the Add Roles link.

In the Add Roles Wizard, enter the information as shown in the following steps.

Enable the Web Server (IIS) Role


In the roles list, check the check box next to Web Server (IIS).
Click Next.
After reading the overview screen, click Next.

Add Role Services


Under the Web Server (IIS) option, click Role Services.
Check the check boxes next to all of the services for IIS 6 Management Compatibility.
Click Next.
Review the confirmation screen and click Install.

Verify SQL Server Management Objects


The Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo assembly must be in the /Windows/Assembly directory on the server. If you receive an error regarding the version of the Sql Server Management Objects, make sure that file is at least version 9.2. If it is, just continue with the process. On SQL Server 2008 R2, they are all

Install iPreLog


Run iPrelogWebUIInstaller.exe and step through the installation wizard using the default values as shown.

Configure iPreLog Database Connectivity


On the Database Connectivity tab, enter the following details:
1.    Database Server to be used by iPreLog.
2.    Database name and logon information.
3.    DSN Name.
4.    If this is a new installation, check the Create Initial Database check box. Note that you will overwrite an existing iPreLog database if you have this check box checked while completing a re installation.
5.    Location for the backup file.
6.    Location of the data and log file.

Click Next.

Configure iPreLog Email Connectivity


On the Email Connectivity tab, enter the following:
1.    Name of your mail server
2.    Account to be used for iPreLog submissions.
3.    Password for email account.
4.    Directory on the server where the import file will be stored prior to being imported.

If you want your submitters to physically bring in the import file with their evidence, check the No email account check box.

If you configure the email account, iPreLog will send an email to the account you designate that has the submitters iPreLog information attached to an email.

Click Next.

Configure iPreLog Lab Options


On the Lab Options tab, enter the following:
1.    Contact information for the lab to which they will be submitting evidence.
2.    A welcome message can be entered in the Lab Title Text field. It supports basic HTML formatting.
3.    Enter the ORI for your lab as entered in the LIMS-plus database. YOU MUST ENTER THIS AT THIS POINT! The value is located within your LIMS-plus database in the LAB.agc_ori value for the lab you are currently configuring. If an ORI does not exist for the lab, enter a value now. This value must match what is entered on the iPreLog Lab Options tab.

If you forget to enter the ORI, you will receive an error at the end of the installation process.

Click Next.
The Summary Tab shows the information you entered.
Click Apply to complete the configuration process.

SQL Server Settings


The SQL Server must be able to use both Windows and SQL Authentication.

Encryption on a 64-bit Operating System


There is an issue with the JTVBEncrypt dll. It is registered from the syswow64 folder using this run command: C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\regsvr32.exe C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\iPrelog\JTVBEncr.dll

Change the App pool so that Enable 32-Bit Applications to true. (By default, Windows 2008 R2 is set to False.)

Install the MailReader Utility


If you configured the email connectivity above, you will need to install the mailreader utility so the iPreLog import files can be processed.

Run the iPrelogMailReaderInstaller.exe installer file and accept the default installation values.

Configure the MailReader Database Connectivity


On the database connectivity tab, enter the information about your LIMS-plus database and the account you created on the database to give access to the reader.

Configure the MailReader Email Connectivity


On the email connectivity tab, you have two options as to how the reader can work.

With the No email account (poll folder only) option checked, the mail reader will monitor the directory you define in the File Path field. The directory will be polled at the frequency set in the Poll Mail interval field. Any new iPreLog files found will be processed and will become available for import into LIMS-plus. You would use this option if the individuals using iPreLog have been instructed to save their files to this directory.

Note that the File Path field defined for the Mail Reader must be the same as the one defined on the Email Connectivity tab when you completed the iPreLog configuration.

If the iPreLog users are submitting their information by email attachments, you must uncheck the No email account check box and complete the rest of the email connectivity tab.

Click Next then Apply.

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    Melissa Bennett

    The encryption files for this application may need to be registered individually on a 64 bit machine.  If you go to Start > Run and type in C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\regsvr32.exe  C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\iPrelog\JTVBEncr.dll and C:\WINDOWS\syswow64\regsvr32.exe  C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\iPrelog\Encryption.dll this will register the two required .dll files for the 32 bit application in the appropriate folders.

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    Phillip Favor

    Affected Area - iPrelog WebUI Installer.

    When installing the  iPrelog Web UI installer on a 64bit operating system (ex Windows 2008 Small Business Server or Windows Server 2008 R2) you may receive the following error message after clicking Apply on the Summary Tab.


    Error Configuring iPrelog 3.x

    the installer encountered the following error when configuring iiPrelog 3.x: Access to the registry key




    This error message will result in a failed installation. The declare.asp will not get updated with the connection information entered within the Installer.


    While logged in as the Local Administrator, you will want to change the ownership of the registry from "TrustedInstaller" to administrator group that the local administrat account belongs to.

    This is achieved by doing the following:

    1. Click start

    2. Search for regedit

    3. Right Click on Regedit and make sure you Run as Administrator. NOTE: DO NOT simply double click on regedit. It must be run with elevated priveleges.


    5. Right Click on SQL Server and select permissions

    6. Click Advanced

    7. Click the Owner tab

    8. Select the Administrators Group from the list and click Apply.

    9. Click ok and close Registry Editor.


    Once this done, uninstall iPrelog Web UI Installer from Programs and Features. Reinstall the build of IPrelog WEB UI installer and the installation will complete successfully with no errors.

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