Using PathAssist in Windows 7 under Windows XP Mode

When logging into PathAssist, users receive the following error:

Connection Error -2147217843 Login failed for user 'sa'
Connection Scring Provider=SQLOLEDB;User ID=sa;Data Source=(Server Name);Persist Security Info=False; Initial Catalog=pathassist
Native Error 18456
Would you like to edit the connection information?

Changes to the connection are not saved. Users click cancel and they receive the login prompt they are accustomed to seeing.


Solution: Windows 7 has a feature called Windows Virtual PC. This feature has a component called XP Mode which acts as an isolated installation of Windows XP that can be run directly on top of the Windows 7 Operating System. Using Windows XP Mode, PathAssist can be installed using the normal installation steps. When connecting to PathAssist using Windows XP Mode, the connection error does not appear. The normal PathAssist login screen appears. Users can continue forward using PathAssist just as they do on a workstation installed with Windows XP.

Listed below is an article discussing Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode. If the Windows 7 workstations do not have Windows virtual PC installed, it can be obtained from Microsoft at no charge if Windows 7 is being used.


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