Disposition Status for Send Mail Activities

There are several points where the Send Mail activity in an Item Management Plan may not work correctly. Below are some troubleshooting steps to identify what may be preventing the notifications from being sent.

The item management plan must have a Send Mail Activity related to a Notification.
The Notification must be configured to originate from a valid email address on your SMTP server.
We'll assume the SMTP server is configured\named correctly in the web.config file.
The Notification must also have a target address, like the Agency Rep.

When an item is received of a type that has an item management plan workflow, each activity fires off in the order specified as quickly as possible once it's received.
If there is any blocking activity (like some custom activity) before the notification, that must be completed before the item management plan even sees the send mail activity.
You can do an item lookup and view the progress of an item management plan on the Disposition Status tab.

Once the item management plan reaches the send mail activity, the disposition status for that activity advances to EXECUTING.
The notification is placed into the Home>To Do > Print Notifications list for review.
Once reviewed and sent, the disposition status for the item advances to COMPLETED.
If emails appear in the notifications to be printed window and you send them and the Disposition Status of the item stays in EXECUTING, then there is an issue with the mail server configuration; a misspelling of the server name for example.

If the disposition status for the item shows NOT_EXECUTED, then there is some condition in the item management plan that could not be fulfilled.
If the notification never appears in the To Do list, it's most often related to missing information required by the notification; most commonly no email address for the receiver or sender.
If you're never seeing notifications appear in the Print Notices\ To Do Box, this indicates that the notification information may be incomplete. Either there is a hotkey value included in the contents for which there is no value or a required email address (sender or receiver) is missing.

If the notification set-up appears fine, check the record for the receiver (Agency Rep for example) and make sure they have a valid email address recorded.

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