How do I process or send Alerts?

An alert is an internal message that can be issued as part of an Item Management Plan. It informs the user (or a group of users with the same role) that something needs to be done with an item. The Item Management Plan is suspended until the alert is cleared.

Access the Alert and Alert List


To access a specific alert listed in the Alerts section of the Dashboard, click on the link under the From column. The specified alert will open in a new window:


Click OK to confirm receipt of the alert (and remove it from the Alerts section of the dashboard) or Cancel (which will keep the alert as "unread" in the Alerts section of the dashboard). To set the alert as needing follow-up in the future, click on the Follow Up checkbox to place a checkmark in it.

To access the Alert List with all of the alerts listed in reverse chronological order, click the Show All Alerts link at the bottom of the Alerts section on the dashboard.


Click on a link in the From column to open an individual alert. Alerts marked for follow-up will appear with checkmarks in the Follow Up column. To delete an alert and remove it from the Alert List, click the Delete Message icon (on the right side of each message).

To cancel and return to the Dashboard, click the Cancel button.

Add an Alert


To add an alert (and send it to the staff member or user role specified), click the Add Alert button on the lower left side of the Alert List screen. Select Staff Member or Role from the first drop-down list (there may be additional options to select depending on the organization's configuration settings) and the staff member's or role's name from the second drop-down list. Enter the alert message in the textbox. Select one or more items by clicking on the Select Items icon or link and searching for the related item(s). Click OK in the Select Items window and, when ready, click OK at the bottom of the Send Alert window to close the window and send the alert to the specified person or users with the specified role.

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