How do I send a Notification?

ChainLinx will generate notification requests during the workflow process of an Item Management Plan. ChainLinx Administrators set up the notifications and the notification request frequency. Pending notification requests are grouped by recipient and will appear in the To Do section of the Dashboard for all users who are assigned the role related to the notification request recipient will see the Print Notices (or other notification term set by the Administrator) task in their Dashboard To Do section.

Notifications can be delivered via email or print (PDF). If the delivery channel is set to email, ChainLinx will generate an email and send it to the relevant recipients. If the delivery channel is set to print notification, the application will generate a printed notification document and save it at a predefined user location set by the ChainLinx Administrator.

Each notification request will be associated with a notification template, which is generated by a ChainLinx Administrator using Crystal Reports.

Access the Print Notifications Screen


If a user has any pending notification requests, it will be noted in the Print Notices line of the Dashboard's To Do section. Click on the counter (number of Print Notices) to go to the Print Notifications screen.

Send Notifications


Notification requests will be listed on the Print Notifications screen. To select all of the notification requests at one time, click in the checkbox next to Select (1). Otherwise, select checkboxes for individual notifications.

To expand a notification to see the individual items (and send a notification for specific items only), click on the plus (+) sign (2) at the beginning of the line for that notification. Each individual evidence item will appear below the main notification request and can be selected separately for individual notifications.


To send one notification, select it (place a checkmark in the checkbox for that specific notifications) and click the mail icon (3) on the far right side of the notification (or click the Send Selected Notifications button at the bottom of the screen).

After selecting multiple notification requests, click the Send Selected Notifications button (4).

To clear all of the checkboxes and start over, click the Cancel button (5).

To add a new notification, click the Add Notification button (6).

Edit Notifications

If the user has been assigned to a role that has been granted the permissions related to notifications, he or she will be able to edit notifications and add/delete email addresses. To edit notifications, click on the subject of the notification listed on the Print Notifications screen. (If the user does not have the correct permissions, or if the notification cannot be edited, clicking on the subject will not open the notification.)

Add Notifications


After clicking the Add Notification button, the Send Notification window will open. Enter the From and To email addresses, the email subject, and the body of the email. Click the Select Items icon or link and use the Select Items window to select individual or multiple items that this notification pertains to. Click OK at the bottom of that window to return to the Send Notification window.

When all of the fields have been filled on the Send Notification window (and items have been selected), click the OK button at the bottom to add the notification to the Print Notifications screen, from where it can be sent.

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