How do I process Approvals?

An Approval is a step that can be created in an Item Management Plan that will require the approval from someone in the organization who is assigned the specified role. The item(s) will not be allowed to continue through the Item Management Plan until the approval is granted.

The number of Approvals that have been requested of the user is listed on the user's Dashboard or Home Page when the user first logs in, in the To Do column. From this page the user can also create an Adhoc Approval.

Access the Request Approval Screen


Any approval requests waiting for user response will be listed in the To Do list on the Dashboard. Click on the number (the counter in the Tasks column) to go to the Request Approval screen.

Access the Approval Request


Approval requests will be listed on this screen, along with their request date and time. Click on the link for an approval listed in the Message column to open that approval request. (Usually the message should be more descriptive than "need approval.")

Approve or Reject the Request for Approval


The approval request will appear alone on the screen with the user role listed on the top and the read-only message appearing below the role. Click the Approved button to grant approval, or the Rejected button to reject the approval request.

For each approval granted or rejected, the counter on the Dashboard will decrease.

Add Approval Requests


To add a new approval request, click the Add Approval button on the lower left-hand side of the screen. The Send Alert window will open (to alert the appropriate user about the new approval request). Select the user type from the picklist, enter the text for the alert, and click the Select Items icon or link to open the Items window. Select at least one related item and click OK at the bottom of the Select Items window.

Back on the Send Alert window, the number of items selected will appear. When finished entering the alert/approval request information, click the OK button on the Send Alert window. The alert will be sent to the users with the specified role type, appearing on their Dashboards as well as on the Request Approval screen (until the request has been approved or rejected).

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