How Do I Edit a Chain of Custody?

Within the ChainLinx application, there may be times that we need to update the chain of custody on an item - for example, to correct an incorrect transfer, or to edit the date and time that a transfer took place. Editing the Chain of Custody for an individual item can be accomplished for any transfer EXCEPT the initial transfer without affecting other items. If we edit the initial transfer of an item, all items received on the same warrant will be updated to reflect the SAME initial transfer on the Chain of Custody.

Item Lookup


To edit the chain of custody for an item, you must first locate that item using the Lookup | Item menu in the Quicklist

To Search for a Specific Item


Add Search Query information in the Search String Field. Search Queries can involve:

  • Warrant Number
  • Item Number
  • Item Serial Number
  • Item Location
  • Item Description
  • Item Other ID
  • ACN

Narrowing the Search


The Search Fields will default to searching all fields listed. To narrow the list of entries returned, you may choose to only search by Case Number only, or ACN only, etc. To narrow the search entities, first click on the + next to Search Fields. Uncheck the "All" box, and check only those fields which you wish to include on the search.

Search String Example


In this example, we are choosing to search all fields for the specific string listed (CPD-139-2011). Click Search to review the list of items that meet the search string. To access an individual item, click on the Item Description.

Item Details


When the item details form opens, it defaults to the Details Tab. To access the Chain of Custody, click on the Chain of Custody Tab.

Editing the Chain of Custody


To edit the Chain of Custody for this item, click on the pencil icon for the specific line in the Chain of Custody to edit. Remember, editing the first line in the Chain of Custody will also edit all items that were received together on that warrant.

Editing Fields in the Chain of Custody


In the Transfer Details window, the user is able to edit Transfer Date, From Location, To Location and/or Transfer Via. The user may also add or edit notes associated with this transfer transaction. Remember, changing a location may result in a broken chain of custody if subsequent transfers are involved. Click OK to save changes.

The arrows indicate the original data in the examples that will follow. Note the changes that are made.

Example: Editing a Location in the Chain of Custody


Using the drop down menu in either the From or To field will open the Item Location lookup. Select the appropriate entity. In this example, we are changing the "To" field from Disposition to Drop box. Select Drop box from the list of Storage Locations.

Edited "To" field


Now, in the To field, the Drop box has been selected.

Example: Editing Time


We can also edit the date and/or time of the transfer. To edit the time, simply place the cursor in the Transfer Date field, and put in the correct date/time. We have also added a note to the Notes field to indicate that the time was edited. You may wish to record notes, but it is not mandatory.

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