How do I quickly access a case file?

ChainLinx uses a warrant or submission number to track items that were submitted together. However, it's the agency case number (ACN) that many of you want to use to work with information about a file. Starting in v1.0.30, the ACN is now shown in search results and you can quickly access the case file by clicking the ACN.

Complete a Lookup


From the Quicklist, click Lookup and complete a search. The search result screen will now show the ACN instead of the warrant number.

Click the ACN to open the ACN search (details) screen for the case file.

View or Edit Case Information


When you click the ACN from a lookup results list, you will open the Agency Case Number Search screen with results for the ACN that you clicked. You can view the information for that case file by clicking the tabs at the bottom.

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