How do I add attachments?

Starting in v1.0.28, you can now add attachments, such as images or PDF files, to a warrant or its components.

Attachment Counter


In the Receive Item wizard, every tab has a button that displays the number of attachments for that component.
To add a new attachment, click the Attachment button.

Add an Attachment


Enter a name for the attachment.
Enter optional details or descriptive text.
Click the Browse button and locate and select the file you want to attach.
Click Add.

Continue to add attachments then click Close when you are done.

Note: The maximum allowed size of an attachment indicated on top of the window can be specified by a configuration setting named MaxAttachmentSize in web.config file.

Warrant Attachment List


A new tab has been introduced between the Warrant Info tab and Warrant Summary tab which shows the attachments for each warrant component in tree view format.

Open an Existing Attachment


To open an existing attachment, click the attachment (paperclip) icon.

Item Attachments


You can also view attachments for items by selecting Attachments from the items menu.

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