How do I use field level auditing?

The field level audit history feature introduced in v1.0.28 allows you to view audit trail information for fields on the on Warrant, Individual, Offense and Item tabs of the Warrant View in the ACN search screen. To view the audit information, you must have a role assigned to you with the Audit Log Lookup - Perform granted.

Perform an Agency Case Number Lookup


Once you've located the record for which you want to view the audit information, click the Edit button to open the details screen.

View the Audit Information


Click the Edit button in the screen to enter edit mode.
In a field, press the CTRL key and, at the same time, right-click to open the audit log details.

Interpreting Audit Information


When viewing the history for a field, a type "I" shows the initial insert and a "U" shows an update. In the example above, the individual's last name was initially entered as "L" then updated to "Last."

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